Wider Stock Rim?

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  1. I recently bought new 205/70/14 radials for my 65 Mustang I6. However, I now want to revert from my aftermarket rims (which are either 14x5" or 14x6") and go back to stock rims/hubcaps. The problem is that I really don't want to buy new tires just because the radials (min. 5" wheel width) are too big for the original/stock rims (14x4.5"). Is there any way for me to get some 4-lug bare rims that are 14x5" or greater in size and that will work with the stock hubcaps?
  2. you can try to find some granada wheels in 14". that said however, your stock rims will do fine as they are. i have had the tire you bought on the stock early mustang rims with no issues. the 205/70 has a design rim width of 5" not a minimum rim width of 5" that means you can use a range of rims from 4" to 6" in width just adjust your tire pressure accordingly. in your case run 30psi instead of 35.
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  3. Thanks for your help, rbohm!
  4. Like he said, that should work fine.