wider stock wheels, can you get em?

Discussion in 'SVT Tech Forum' started by Dr. Wu 2000, Aug 12, 2004.

  1. Was wonderin' if anyone knew if the stock looking 03-04 cobra wheels can
    be had in a wide size such as 10" or 10 1/2". Looked on Tire Rack and some others but was not able to find. I would like to keep the look of the stock wheels but go bigger in the back to put on a wider tire such as 305 or 315.
    Thanx in advance. :D
  2. A 315 Nitto fits the stock rim very well actually! That's the ONLY 315 that will fit well though. AFS makes an 03/04 replica wheel in a 17X10.5. I actually have a set on my car now. The Nitto 315 on my 10.5 has a perfectly flat sidewall, no bulge at all. Once the Nitto's wear out I'm switching to the GY GS-D3's. Their 315 is a full inch wider than the Nitto 315. Keep in mind if you go with the AFS 10.5's and a 315 tire you may need to shave your IRS bolt, or use a button head bolt, or a wheel spacer.


    AFS Cobra replica rims -> http://www.afswheels.com/v2/ecommerce/shopexd.asp?id=117

  3. :nice: Discount Tire has them in 9's and 10.5's. They are good quality too.
  4. AFS also has 9 inch widths. Plus they have 'em in 18's if you want to go that route.

  5. Thanks guys. :nice: