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  1. DSCF1772.jpg

    My 2006 GT in my backyard.

    The American Flag in the background is painted on what is known as a 'Guy Anchor'. For you history buffs - the 'Guy Anchor' supported a 680 ft. steel tower that was used in tranmitting and radio communications during WWI right on the coast here in Jersey.

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  2. Marine Dress Blues and a Mustang

    Nothing says patrotic like a Marine and his Mustang. Semper FI :flag:

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  3. Hey I didn't see this before, thanks alot man. Things are going good and I hope I can get into the service soon. Just gotta wait till Im 21 at least. Appreciate the comment!

  4. Not sure if this qualifies...

    Not sure if this is what you are looking for, it would be hard to get the stang in the pic and still show the tattoo. Thanks for letting me post anyways.


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  5. Contest Pic.

    This is a poor quality picture since I had to scan it in. Will try to send a better one tomorrow.
  6. I'm not American so I'm gonna have to go for the British patriotic theme....


    kicking "ze German's asssssss!" You can't get much more Patriotic that that!!!

    (that was just off the start line, he had it well and truley handed to him by the 1320....)

  7. quick question about images:

    The guy I shot pictures with doesn't want his license plate showing. Is fuzzing out the license plate acceptable in an otherwise pure image?

  8. i believe they said that doctoring the image a bit is ok but no photo shopping. at least i think that is what they mean on the first page of this thread.
  9. Yeah, I had to black out the city name on my picture. I told them I had to do it and they didn't say it wasn't allowed so Im assuming that will be fine too. Privacy is important especially if it's for someone other than you.
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  14. Contest Pics.

    Here are my Patriotic Mustang Pictures. I bought the red/white/blue pony emblem right after I bought my car when I also bought the license plate frame.

    And you can't forget the red/white/blue Cubs in my back seat..... (WHO ARE GOING ALL THE WAY THIS YEAR!!).

    I also have a red/white/blue D.Q. antenna ball.

    There is a flag on top of the courthouse, you just can't see it very well.

    Hanging from my mirror is a red/white/blue heart that says PEACE.

    So, here is my entry!

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  15. Thought I would post my pics with a patriotic "buy american(muscle)" theme, showing off some american muscle purchased mods i.e. shorty antenna and chin spoiler. Some real great artistic posts guys!

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  16. North Dakota Mustang Mafia

    I will begin by saying these shots are of three very different yet closely related mustangs.

    Red car is a 1989 Mustang GT
    White car is 1990 Mustang LX rallycar
    Blue car is a 1989 Mustang LX notch (yes it really is BLUE)

    Shot at the ND State Capitol 9th floor


    photo by Deb Miller
  17. Made in the USA

    This is my American Pride and Joy.
    100_30241.JPG danielscd52_edited.jpg