Window motor bushings (Pics)

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  1. Ok... my dad noticed my windows have both failed in the last month so as a birthday gift he went to a junk yard and grabbed some window motors.

    The sentiment was generous however I'm not sure that its the motors as much as the bushings...oh well, i have two more perfectly good motors now! haha. So I took apart the two motors that he gave me and because I have no experience in this area I'm not totally sure what I'm looking at.

    In the picture below, are all the yellow pieces small pieces of the bushings?


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  2. I am not 100% sure....

    IIRC Vib, RIO, or someone has a pictoral of doing the bushing repair. The topic even has info on were to get a bushing kit to rebuild and part number. Might try a search.

    My window motors are crapping out and I am going to try and do this soon myself.
  3. Those are the bushings for sure. :)

  4. oh cool, thanks guys. Yeah I just found someone's write-up--the text is decent but the pictures are a little poor. Maybe I'll upload just a PICtoral write-up later if anyone so desires.
  5. yeah those are the bushings...I replaced both of mine after my driver side one gave out. You can just get the bushings in the HELP! section at autozone or advanced auto. Also really easy to do and mine work like they are brand new
  6. Sweet, I'd love a good workout writeup... nothing like some man boobs! :D

  7. HaHa, ok cool. i'll try to throw something together. I just called Autozone and the lady had no clue what I was talking about so I might just head up there.
  8. Thanks RC, before I had time to see your post I just took the liberty figuring it out without any pictures. I threw a write-up together with much clearer pictures than the one I found earlier. Check it out:

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  9. For any of you reading this..if this never happened to your car should really soon!!

  10. had to do this to mine also... very easy fix. Just don't forget to plug the motor back in like me and then think you messed it up. lol
  11. good job on the write-up will,:nice: i've got two window motor's laying around my place from my car that i replaced when they stopped working.never thought to repair i'll fix them and have spare's for when the motor's in my door's take a dump.
  12. Thanks! Thats what I'm doing as well.
  13. Big thanks to Stang netters for the tutorial on the window motor bushings. I was intimidated at first but after reading everyones success I went for it. My problem was my motor "failed" with the window in the down position. I wasn't sure I could remove the motor with the window down. I tried a tip I heard about which is to BANG hard on the area of the motor (after door panel removal) a few times and sure enough it worked to go up. I then pulled the motor thru the speaker hole. My bushings were not all chewed up but were oblong shaped and starting to split I think thats why my motor was binding up. Quick trip to auto zone and "help" section for the replacement bushings and window working fine after motor reinstall. Don't be afraid to tackle this. It cost me under 5 bucks, a little time and some greasy forearms! Imagine the money to have the dealer do it. Props to everyone who have put up tips for this!
  14. If I did this, anyone can... CONGRATS on the gain in confidence!
  15. Im gonna bump this thread. And i have to ask what the best grease will be to use on this? Wouls anti-sieze be too slick?
  16. Just plain white grease is fine. Some packs even include a small amt.
  17. I am not recommending this, but when mine crap out, I just drop 5/16 hex nuts in where the bushings go. They never give out.

    Be warned though, Ford puts plastic bushings in so that they will crumble if you get a body part or object between the glass and door frame. Not that you could get hurt, but I think it is a 'kid safety' thing.
  18. is it 5/16 or 1/4-20?
  19. Well, thread doesn't matter, but you may be right, it could be 1/4" hex...
    My shop drawers aren't labeled well. I just know which one feels right.:D

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