Window Stickers for GT500s

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  1. I thought that teh '10s were out, i swear that i saw one (i know it was a '10 cause it was that light blue color) in mt. vernon In. about a month back with a 48k sticker on it.
  2. Grats lucky! If I had the fundage or wanted to eat ramen and bolagna sammiches for five years I coulda got one too lol make sure to post the glory shots man
  3. You are correct, Ford started delivering the cars back in June for orders that were placed from January thru early March. Most were held up due to the quality hold on the airbag cover right side. My order was placed 5/29/09.
  4. I bought mine right off the showroom floor a couple of weeks ago. Had to pay sticker, but was really happy(and surprised) to find it.:D
    Kona blue/sliver stripes, electronics package and car cover. Exactly what I wanted!! 50,750.
  5. Nice !!! cant wait to see it !!!
  6. Only picture I've got at the moment. When you guys get yours be ready to smile.....alot.:D

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  7. Almost the color I went with. Decided black with blue strips instead for something different. :)

    Less than a month to go for me, cant wait. :D

    Should look like this, but I plan to tint the windows.

    This is Lethal Performance's car.
  8. Here is a pic of mine that I received back on June 19

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