WoW just heard some exciting news

Discussion in 'Classic Mustang Specific Tech' started by Nesta, May 14, 2004.

  1. My father in-law just called and said he found a 1973 bronco in good shape w/ :get this: a 65 HIPo motor out a mustang!!!!!!! For a Whopping 5 bills!!!

    Man I'm having a heart attack as I am a bronco and mustang freek :nice:

    He is supposed to call me with a the #'s sunday. So what is a 65' HIPO motor going for these days?
  2. if its a K code 289 HIPO engine, it adds about 30% value to a classic mustang when they are 'appraised' - if its a numbers matching engine.
  3. Doesn't add that much value to a Bronco though, unless you pull it and sell it to a Mustang guy. Most people who claim to have a 289 hypo motor don't, IMO...
  4. you are really going to have to check the numbers. a 289 hipo in a bronco is kind of strange. I wouldnt be surprised if it was a 302 HO.
  5. Well of course he did not call me last night :bang: . But, I'm going to track this guy down and try to buy this thing. And yes the motor would be pulled out to sell to someone needing this for their resto. All I have been told was it has a 289 HIPO out of a 65' mustang. Can't comfirm anything though, but I will track this guy down thats for sure. :spot:

  6. If you're gonna yank the motor out of the Bronc, what're ya gonna do with the carcass?
  7. I have a 71 302 that I will put in the bronco :D
    It will be a nice addition to the family......well if I can get ahold of the guy :bang:
  8. Yeah, it seems like every 289 out of a '65 is a hipo. They ought to start calling them hypos, as in hypothetically its a hipo.
  9. Well it may be a mood point, just talked to my father-inlaw, he won't give me the guy phone#. He said ha is going to buy it :mad:. well hopefully his old lady will have a say and it will defualt back to me :rolleyes: