Roush WTF is a Saleen SSO???

Discussion in 'Special Production' started by RandyA, Nov 2, 2006.

  1. Hi Guys, been away for a while. I was driving in to work this morning and was passed by a brand new Saleen that looked like an E car but had rocker stripes with SALEEN SSO in them. I'm fairly certain it was a real Saleen but have never seen or heard of an SSO? Any ideas? This thing sounded pretty nasty, had the center exhaust, and all the Saleen specific stuff as well as the E hood. Also had new car temp tags on it so whoever had it had just purchased it.

    Veryinteresting to say the least
  2. I dont know Randy.

    Sort of sounds like that kook that owns that Galpin white 05 S281 with big checkers on it and big decals that say 640 hp on the side. Maybe I should carve U.F.O in the chevrons on my car?
  3. That would be this guy...

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  4. LOL, I want to see pics of that Marcus! :)
  5. poor attempt at SSC? lol
  6. Probably a (fake) Saleen with the Ford Racing side pipes? They were available for the 94 + up (?) Mustangs, and they, unfortunately, had 'SVO' embossed down the sides of them. I've never seen them for the new stangs?
  7. The "SSO" striped cars ARE real Saleens. I believe the SSO is meant to be "550". You can now get an option at least on the Extreme cars to get the Ford GT paint schemes. They include the over the hood Le Mans style stripe and the "Saleen 550" on the Door.
    They are calling it the "Legacy" Series 550. The dealer I got my car from just got a red extreme with white stripes with the "Saleen 550" on the side, I will see if I can get some more information it....

    Here is a link to a pic of it...

  8. I stand corrected. I agree with randy, it looks like it says SSO!:eek:

    I think it looks too much like a GT500 with those stripes.:nonono:

  9. Agreed.

    Let me see, this is starting to get confusing.

    A s281 Extreme made by Steve Saleen, but with Le Mans stripes and rocker panels to look like the Shelby GT500 Cobra built by SVT...

    Whew! You almost need pie chart or something in there.

  10. That's definitely the car I saw. I guess we know now!
  11. Randy,

    I agree! looks like it says "SSO" on the side.