X/A/D Plans - where was (if) yours honored. N-S-E-W?

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  2. You missed one of the rules the customer has agreeing to when signing that form, "The customer must accept delivery and make final settlement within five working days of the date of notification by the dealer. "

    A list of rules is up on the fordpartner website.

    So, while you could back out of the deal to buy an X-plan Mustang (because you actually ordered more than one?), the consequences will kick in:

  3. i picked up my 05 gt premium under the "A" plan on 2/6/05, i ordered it on 11/6/04 from sawgrass ford in sunrise, fl. The total with tax, tag, title out the door was $23,928, i was very happy with their service.
  4. :bs: That price is less than dealer invoice without holdback on a premium GT WITH ABSOLUTELY NO OPTIONS! Nice try! :nono:
  5. that is the price for the A plan. i have everything expect for the shaker 1000. i myself was amazed when they told me this price.
  6. 800 number

    Can someone post or email me the 800 number I keep seeing?


  7. you are busted. only $2400 average markup on the 05 gt.
  8. i can be wrong and i sell the 05 at msrp only.
    i was originally laughing at the post stating he was getting a ROUSCH at A-plan. then he called me a dumbass.

    thats still funny :D :rolleyes:
  9. I was not aware of that. However the 2nd dealer knows about my first order, and he required no deposit. He says he will honor x-plan, but if I don't want the car he's happy to have a GT vert for sale.

    I've been completely honest w/ him, and he has been great to work with. Hmm...sounds like the golden rule-no that's too old fashioned.
  10. Palm Coast Ford in Fl. ; Ask for Steve

    If your looking for a company to transport your car do NOT use Nationwide Auto Transport. Email me if you want more info.
  11. Anyone know of a dealer in the VA/DC/MD area that is honoring A-Plan on the GT?
  12. Hey 2002 Gray GT-are you still waiting for a car. I have one in GA on the ground that I ordered, but will decline for now. X-plan; $30 k for an 05 redfire gt vert--5-speed; black top; dark charcoal leather; IUP; bullitt wheels.

    It is in Warner Robbins, GA which is about 2 hours south of Atlanta.
  13. I managed to find a dealer that (at least via email) says they'll order and give me A/Z plan pricing. I"ll update with dealer name once I have a build sheet.
  14. I know that I'm a little late on this board, but I had to reply...
    I ordered my 2005 Mustang GT (details to follow) on October 20 and picked up the car on December 28 at x-plan.

    Before placing my order I talked to several dealers about accepting x-plan, and the one I ordered from agreed to accept x-plan on a factory order, not on inventory vehicles.

    My DORA had my name listed but no mention about x-plan, but on the day I got the car I had no problem using x-plan.

    From what I've been told the dealer I got my car from is no longer accepting ANY plans on the Mustangs (Star Ford, Glendale CA)

    2005 Mustang GT (Premium)
    Sonic Blue/Light Graphite
    Side Airbags
    Active Anti-Theft
    Ordered October 20
    DORA/VIN November 4
    Built/Shipped December 14
    Delivered December 28
  15. got mine on d-plan

    I picked up my GT on 5-12 from Kimnach Ford in Norfolk, VA. They honored my d-plan and are also doing a/x plans. You can check them out at www.kimnachford.com. Their phone is 757-461-6401. I delt with John Clark.
    The dealer was honest and had no problem with my plan.
  16. here's my story... ordered a gt with z plan. car was serialized and built when it was supposed to. about two weeks before the car get here.. i was too anxious :p so i went to the lot, bought a fully loaded vert off the lot with the same saleman. He was hestitating about asking his manager because the vert has 6000k mark up. I didnt get the z plan on the vert but got it with MSRP. I think they did that because they can make up the money with the coupe i ordered. It was in Ford of Dublin in the bay area. The man is Tim Sandolli. Big dealership, nice guy. probably will go back to him for the shelby.
  17. Does anyone know a dealership in Arizona that will accept the A plan on a GT coupe.? Last year I was in michigan visiting my wifes parents and had the opportunity to go into the Auto Aliance plant with my father in law, while he was checking some of his companies products used on the Mustang,This was the day after Job 1 on the new mustang. :D That same evening, My wifes mother who is a engineer for ford, brought home a white GT test mule. Ever since then I have been trying to convince my wife to let me trade in our Toyota 4runner. She finally gave in, so now I am on a search. Having owned a 65 and a 93 notchback, I am in love with the new design. Any help with the A plan question is greatly appreaciated