Roush Xtreme hood on an 03 cobra?

Discussion in 'Special Production' started by Friedchicken, Apr 21, 2004.

  1. Has anyone tried to put a Saleen Xtreme hood on an 03 cobra? What is the clearance and which part of the SC hits the hood if at all? I'll be removing the pulley guard, but I just can't see this hood not fitting.

    Also, they are composite? How much do they weigh and do they have a hood blanket? Do they offer any more clearance than the standard S281 hood?

    Thanks to any that can help me out.
  2. When I purchased my Saleen Cobra I was told that the E hood would not clear the blower on the cobra, so the left the stock hood on the car. I believe I read somewhere that Saleen actually tried to change the hood on the first 03 Cobra Saleen and found this out the hard way.

    The E hood does not have a hood blanket and the clearance is almost identical to the regular saleen hood. I am not sure how much it weighs.
  3. nope

    def wont work, tried on an 03 cobra/saleen
    the saleen bumber works but the hood is a no go so left the 03 cobra hood on.
  4. Thanks for the replys. That is disappointing, I love that hood. Oh well. More money left over for a whipple upgrade.
  5. You can't buy the E hood. Saleen kept giving me excuses for not delivering the hood until they finally admitted a year later (yes I was patient...) that it's reserved for their E-cars.
    So I end up buying the 03 cobra hood instead !
  6. They sold the E hoods at one time. There is/was a guy who posted here who bought one for his S281. That was probably a year and a half ago, though. Swapping my standard Saleen hood for an E version was on my list of things to do. Darn. :(
  7. Head Paneer

    Talk to Joe at Chicane. He can get you that hood and I have seen it on a 03 Cobra. I saw it in West L.A. so there is a good chance that Joe installed it.There is no blanket, and it weighs a lot less than the stock mustang and Cobra hood.
    For the record I love the look of that hood. Saleen has had a lot of problems with the fit and finish though.
  8. marcus95,
    I know Joe somehow aquired a few E hoods a couple years ago but they were all gone the last time I asked. I'll check again, though.
  9. lol.. so does it or doesn't it fit? I wish I knew someone who has it or tried it before I expense that item.
  10. I hear ya Friedchicken. That is an expensive risk to take.

    I know what I saw and I know it was a "real" 03/04 Cobra but I can't verify that it was a authentic Saleen "E" hood on the car. It was in the lane next to me. I have seen that hood up close and the one I saw looked "real". Does anyone know of an aftermarket knock-off of that hood? That may be the ticket.
    Joe at Chicane would know for sure if it would fit or not. Headpaneer, I remember when Joe was installing a couple of E hoods on customer cars and the fit was lousy. You are probably correct that he does not have any more in stock, but he has suprised me before in the past with "no longer ever available parts"
    Maybe worth a shot Fried. Call Joe . He will be able to answer your question once and for all. Since my car is the old body style I am really limited on what I can do. NO E hood, no center exhaust and the list goes on.
  11. Well..................

    I'd be surprised, and maybe a little pissed if it does fit.

    When I ordered my car, I was told by both Saleen and my dealer that I would be getting a E hood, as it was standard practice to include one on the Saleen my 98 came standard with the S351 hood.

    During the build process, I was told that Saleen attempted to install the hood on the car, and they could not get it to fit, because of the blower. That, plus the other parts they tried, plus the paint, was why it took so long to deliver my car.
  12. What might have happened is the one you saw in LA could have removed the pulley cover and put a smaller pulley on there. That would give an extra inch clearance at the front of the blower. If Saleen was trying to put that Xtreme hood on an 03 cobra, they probably would have done so with the stock pulley and cover on there. I have a strong suspicion that the clearance problem is due to the longer snout on the M-112 Eaton.

    I may just buy it anyway and then have my fab shop raise the center of the hood to clear the blower.
  13. I wonder of a KB Blowzilla has a lower profile compressor.
  14. s281cobra, do you happen to live in Hayward ?.. I think I saw your car bro in law lives 3 or 4 houses from you :)
  15. in Oakland, although when I head over to the pennisula side of the bay I tend to use 580/92 thru Hayward to get there.
  16. dang..then there is another red vert saleen cobra there :)
  17. "my bro in law "...

    Hey Stallion98gt :D ... so did you get married this time??? :rolleyes: :rolleyes:
  18. I think I know the one you're thinking of, I've seen it before, it's a 99 or 01 Saleen clone, I think it's rio red.
  19. we are almost :D