yeah boy!!! 13.217 @ 103.31 *Auto*

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  1. Hey guys, I went to the track with my bro last night to see what this puppy can do. Man I felt like a movie star after my run, there were a bunch of people surrounding my car asking me questions. Anyway, sorry I'm at work right now so i can't post a scan of the time slip, but as soon as I do (around 6pm or so) I will post it up. Oh btw, the car is stock of course with only 230 miles on it and I ran it with the jack and spare tire still in the truck.

    -2005 Sonic Blue GT
    1/4: 13.217 @ 103.31 60ft:2.011 :banana:
  2. That is fckin awesome dude !!!!!!!! :D I cant wait to see the time slip :nice:
  3. Great job! These new stangs are amazing. They can hang with stock ls1 ET's with 1.1L less displacement.....amazing job ford. Plus its an AUTO!!!
  4. alright guys i'm home, but i can't get the pic to show for some reason. could some one host it for me?
  5. I sure as hell hope your for real dood.
  6. <----------Skeptical
  7. You have a private message.
  8. If that's the case that's awesome! Now next week bring a video cam and post it. Everyone in America has one and many on the Internet have Honda's going 11's. Not saying BS yet but you not only need to post slips but show your run for many of us, we hear this all the time on the Internet.

    BTW I'm test driving a 05 GT on Thursday so I'll tell you what I think since I can drive it the way I want. I've brought 2 cars from this dealer and the salesman knows how I test drive a car. It's a trade in from someone that decided he didn't want an 5 speed with 300 miles. I hope it's as good as claimed in this piece because this is my next car in some form. :nice:

    I notice you only have 4 post what was your last car? What was your 60?

  9. what track was that????
    and yes, please, show some slips :)
  10. Ok, so you are runnin 13.2's with a 2.0 60' foot in an Auto and some other guy posted that he ran a 13.2 with 1.8 60'. Yours is at 103 and his is at 102.....hmmmm. I'm sorry I just don't buy it that all you need is a pair of DR's are your Auto will be a 12 sec car. That is a little too far fecthed for me to believe. But, If you are telling the truth, then I guess Ford has actually gotten somthing right this time, but I just don't see that happening. It's almost 11pm here in Houston. Where are those slips at?

  11. 9:45 pm here in southern california, no slips yet.....
    at least give out the details of "THIS" Track.
    Come on, i can not believe there are two 05 mustang GT's running low 13's out there, but one more time, nobody has seen them run such times. i checked with the enemies :), nothing,the fbody guys, even the goat guys hasn't report anything especial about this car, but the video everyone has seen already, i checked with the ricers, nothing... for real, who has seen one running 13.2???
    you guys can go ahead and ask on any other forum on the net, so far, such times are just a hype, we're still waiting...
  12. Now, I'm hoping that he and others will prove me wrong. It'll only show my ignorance for bringing up my old LS1 Firebird among other things. I haven't driven/rode in an automatic yet, but needless to say that I'll be amazingly shocked in a good and weird sorta way.

    So bring it! Post the slips then go back to the track and get some vids. It's what I plan to do on Friday.
  13. Heeey d00dz!! I just picked up my l33t 05 Mustang GT, and after breaking it in by doing some donuts in my hi school's parking lot, I took it down to the local track. (Yeah, you know, THAT track, man.) Anywayz, on my very first pass I got a 12.99 ET, with three of my best budz hangin out the windows! I'm in the 12s, man!! The 12s!!

    This car roX0rs!!! After I get back from my date with this hot Mustang fan I met at the track today (yeah, you know, THAT hottie), I'll post my pics of the timeslip. With the hottie holding it!! So there's something for you d00dz out there to look forward to.

    Gotta run... bbl

    :bang: :bang: :bang: :bang:

    :uzi: :spam:
  14. Your being sarcastic right...? :D Sounds just like all the other bogus post out there. I can't wait until someone claims 12's in stock form.

    :rlaugh: :rlaugh: :rlaugh: :rlaugh: :rlaugh: :rlaugh:

  15. Lot's of people willing ot host it, including myself. Get it to someone so we can all see it!
  16. its been a while i doubt this was legit!! but if he comes through ill eat my hat!
  17. Comeon now... you're spoiling the enemies game. We're suppose to just go out an brag on their forums and get owned. :rolleyes: Reminds me of a Frat War.
  18. Well I drove a 5 speed today and it reminds me of the power of my 04 Mach auto. It really hits the wall around 5500 rpm's. It just doesn't have the pull of the 4 valves. You can chirp 2nd but not 3rd, my Mach will always chirp 3rd and sometimes 4th. I would actually power shift 1st to 2nd on the new GT it puts power to the ground.

    I think either the Mach needs the GT's new 3 link axle or the GT needs the Mach's motor. If I had the GT axle it would be hard not to be in the low 13's to high 12's, it flat hooks. If the Mach driver can pull close to a 2.0/2.1 60 I just don't see this car as much of a threat but you can see the average driver has a hard time getting these times. The GT is a better car for the novice drag racer IMO.

    The 05 reminds me more of my 02 GT in shifting it and it's power band than the 4 valve motor. All and all it's a nice car and anyone coming up from an older GT is going to love it. If your coming into it from a Mach or Cobra you aren't going to be as impressed.