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  1. the hoods are exactly the same if i recall.

    whatever is wrong with the gap is something to do with the bumper or headlight header panel. somethings definately tweaked, there should be no reason the bumper does that. something is either wrong or something needs to be modified to make it work. maybe some spacers and pull the bumper top supports up and back about an inch.

    mine does that slightly, but not as much. mine only does it because one of the header panel boltholes up top where the bumper goes into just straight up cracked straight through so anytime you try to put a bolt on there it just gets pulled through from the weight of the bumper (and i dont have the foam support, i leaned on it to stand up from working under the car and snapped it clean in half).

    in this pic you can tell the slight 1/4" difference between the passenger side (where its broken) and the drivers side.
  2. That gap is horrible.

    Otherwise, looks 1000 times better than before.
  3. 03/04 cobra hoods were slightly shorter and the bumper was a little bit taller where it connects under the hood
  4. My freind has an origional 03/04 Cobra hood on his GT and there is no gap. Fits like a glove.

    My freind had a wrecked 98 and it had the gap just like that also after it was fixed, except your hood looks like its also sitting a taaad high on the front.

    Either way, it looks sick man. Definatly a change for the better, the gaps can be taken care of.
  5. that gap is pretty bad, and i doubt you will be able to fix it since it is naturally like that...
  6. Agreed.
    Neither of my ROUSH Cobras looked like that ..... the delete kit may help that.

    Otherwise, of course I like it at least the pics I can see.
  7. The gap is natural with a 03 cobra hood and GT/Rousch bumper. But honestly Ray, I think something might be missing there. My gap doesn't seem to be that bad:



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  8. the hood is fiberglass from Mustangs Unlimited. Not a factory 03/04 cobra hood. are you guys mainly talking about the gap from the top of the bumper to the hood, or above the headlights? because I'll get the grille delete for the headlight thing, and im going to get my old body shop to put molding stuff on top the bumper that goes up so there isnt a gap there...
  9. Try lowering your hood bumpers and see if the hood comes down any. The hood does look a little higher than the end of the fender. You could also try moving the hood on your hood hinges to bring it forward:shrug: if even possible
  10. x2:nice:
  11. the hood bumpers are on little screw things, and they are as tight as possible, how can i make them go down any?
  12. ROUSH.jpg

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  13. anyone know where to get the inserts that go in the openings in the hood??
  14. Ray, the car looks awesome, I'm really happy for you!
  15. the gap from the bumper to the hood is pretty huge
  16. THAT WILL BE FIXED, why are you all so stuck on that?? lol
  17. You chewed up the front valence already :notnice:
  18. thats what i thought too, but it was just dirt, i wiped it off. scared me at first though, lol
  19. Haha, cool. White dirt? lol :D
  20. lol, exactly...snow/dirt...still need to know where to get those scoop inserts though...