Yes Or No On Edelbrock Heads

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  1. Mike, I would stick to the 9333pt1 gaskets. The cosmetics are great and I swear by them on my motor but in a build like yours the head gasket can act as a fuse @madspeed. If something goes wrong, mechanically, tune up wise etc the worst you'll do is blow a head gasket. I have literally melted a hole out the side of a cylinder head running a cosmetic and having a mechanical failure. As for the rest of the parts, it seems to be pretty comprehensive. I would rather see head studs than bolts but that decision is yours. I'm not a Huge chrome valve cover fan myself..they always seem to leak but that's my .02ยข
    As for a timing chain, any good double roller will do. I personally always stuck with comp cams.
  2. Polished stocker valve covers over new stamped chrome ones any day! I second the 9333 pt1 head gaskets. I just finished replacing my hg and all the resesrch i did said 9333vall the way
  3. Wondering why they recommend the HG with the tin fire ring 8458 vs the steel one- 9333 pt1 on alum heads. Softer metal in the heads? They actually like the 1011's which I know leak and fail.
  4. That I dunno, I talked to a few engine builders and noted Mustang tuners before buying my replacement gaskets. Pretty much all said the same thing, "get the 9333 pt1 unless your planning serious power, then let's talk more about your specific combo and plans".
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    Gheez, I thought you of all people would know they are COMETIC

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  6. Ok .. this is bragging..... sorry. Just scored a new in the box SilverFox SPT-1 stage 2 VB and New in the box B&M transcooler for $250. Praying my wife doesn't see the UPS guy everyday at my house. I promised her I would keep THIS one stock.

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  7. Damn auto correct strikes again
  8. my bet was he knew.... ouch!! that fn pic just fn ga ga gaaay low rez FTMFW!
  9. Lmao. I do like the "like" button lol. A lot of times it's for a post that already states my opinion and would be redundant to post. I have posted over 1000 times so I'm not just a Lookee Lou:shrug:
    Mike I've used both the comp and frpp timing chains in the past also. I also 2nd not using chrome valve covers. I'd polish the stockers or maybe some polished fabricated covers. I also would run a custom cam but you can't go wrong with a tfs1 or equivalent. Sounds like a solid build to me.
  10. Hate to say it, but I almost try and avoid anything FRPP these days. They outsourced most of their parts from China and the quality has gone down. I did install FRPP gears in the rear though.

    Took me about 4 hours to polish up the set of VC on the car. They look great but damn you got to keep polishing them every month or so. The chrome ones I have are the real ford stockers that were chrome plated, not some repop cheapos. I've used them before with the felpro rubber and steel vc gaskets with success. I'll deal with it when the heads are off.

    Fighting the urge to spend the $$ on a 1 piece input shaft and a Dirty Dog or Edge 2800 stall TC. Must step away from the computer.................................
  11. Having the gasket being the safety door for aluminum heads is a smart move, way cheaper to replace that part.
  12. Yeah I've heard that also. I've got their gear set/diff in the garage waiting to be installed also.
  13. i have a friend who owns chevys, so they would likely go t him if he wanted them.
  14. It's the E-Street heads that came with inferior valve springs. The Performer heads don't have a problem.


  15. Yep. I wouldn't touch those heads for anythng but dirt cheap. They are "entry level heads" The springs are barely adequate for a .500 lift cam.
  16. springs can be changed easily enough.
  17. The cost of it has to be considered. If you spend $1100 for E-street heads, and then the first thing you have to do is spend $200 for valve springs, then spend 2 hours installing them, you didn't save any money.