Yet another SCT Tuner question

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  1. This should be an easy question for you guys that frequent the forums.
    I'm not an idiot, but I'm not an expert...:rolleyes:
    I have an SCT Tuner purchased from AM that has 3 custom tunes installed, it also has the "strategy tune" option on the menu. I can install (upload) the custom tunes, and I have succesfully installed them, BUT.. what the heck are the strategy tunes? Can I change a setting within strategy tunes and will that "add to" the custom tune already loaded?
    Sorry if I'm beating a dead horse here.
    Thanks, Steve
  2. strategy tunes are SCT tunes that come preloaded on the tuner, they are a generic tune so to speak, some refer to them as canned tunes and no you cannot adjust custom tunes, #1 its not a good idea, and #2 tuners protect their tunes by locking them. why would you want to adjust your tune anyways?
  3. I would like to have traction control off by default and that's not an option under custom tunes.
  4. cant be done as far as I know.......
  5. I believe it can be turned off in the tune, but has to be done by your local SCT tuner, can't be done with the handheld. Once it's turned off, it's off, and you can't turn it back on without seeing your tuner again. I'm thinking about doing this myself, no fun when I forget to disable it and it shuts my motor down due to wheelspin between shifts.
  6. I have a relay setup on my 06GT that turns TC off every time the car is started. If I happen to want it on, I can just turn it on.

    I didn't want it turned off in my tune.