Yo, I got your Carfax's right here!

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  1. That's cool droid, thanks
  2. Hey could I get one for 1FALP4047SF142063? Thanks so Much!!
  3. When you get a chance can you do this one:


    Thanks Carfax Man! :D
  4. When you get a min

    2G2WR524241151000 :nice:
  5. thank you sir!
  6. droid#83853 ,

    Thanks for your help, Battling a health issue an dnot sure If I will be up to thanking my fellow stangers anytime soon so thanks.
  7. 1FAFP42X6YF162995
  8. ALL HAIL THE NEW CAR FAX GOD :hail2: :hail2: :hail2: :hail2: :hail2: :hail2: :hail2::hail2:
  9. Thanks for getting that for me!
  10. Got another favor to ask.....if you get really bored and want to run these two for me.....that would be awesome and I'd be very grateful.

    They're not stangs, so if you don't feel like doing it, that's cool


  11. Hey one more please


    :flag: :nice:
  12. Lookin to get back into a stang. If ya could can you look this up for me, thanks.

    Vin: 1FAFP42R23F382533
  13. Pm's sent. I am not running the VIN's as fast as I used to, as I am trying to get a cross country move together. It is taking me a day or so to get around to running VIN's. I will keep running them until Feb 21. Then I am outta Carfax, and will be leaving for a 3000 mile journey in the Mustang.
  14. Here's a couple for ya, thanks


  15. Thanks for the reports! I keep coming across vehicles that have been in minor wrecks....glad to know that ahead of time!

    Good luck with your move....and I guess that's a "decent" excuse for not turning these things around immediately :D
  16. Here's one if you get a chance:
    It's a Honda Accord I just picked up for running to work. Very much appreciated, I owe ya!!! Hope the trip goes well!!:nice:
  17. Droid thanks for the reports, I know both the cars had things that should have been on carfax, but I guess being in Germany the info never gets back to them:nice:

    I have two stangs that have never been in accidents:rolleyes: :nice:

    Just click on wrecked Mach in my sig to see what happen to mine after only having it 7 days
  18. When they leave America things don't get reported. The DMV's are linked up here, so they can keep track. I don't zinc ze chuurrrrmans haf zheir system linked to ours. Even some Canadaian cars don't have much on them.
    Sprechen Sie Deutsch? Mein Deutsch ist etwas rostig.
  19. Don't speak much German. From the paperwork I have on my GT it was built in 1990 and shipped to a Canadian Military member here in Germany, then it got totalled in 1992, and a local German Ford dealer got it and it sat around awhile then someone took a little interest in it and made it almost new again, the interior and exterior are in excellent condition, they sold it to a civilian Army contractor, and when I bought it off him in March 05 it only had 8,700 miles on it, it know has 18,000.