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  1. I know this aint the section but i just wanted to share a gripe.
    I been running around all week trying to find wire diagrams and someother parts.
    I think i wasted more overpriced gas then anything.
    Finally today i got reffered to a plce that has the all data or mitchell on demand And thought here i go this is what i been looking for!!
    Well i walked in the door and asked for the tech and explained to him what i was trying to do. I had asked him if he could either look up some wires for me or print me out a diagram for both my stangs.
    Well he started to go on that well this program cost me quite a bit and it's not for public use and i don't think i can do that.
    So i said that i would pay him and he copped an attitude and said no i can't do that. I said to him your kidding right ofcourse he was like no!!!! Don't you get what i said.

    I don't understand this I'm originally from mass and since ive been in west virginia i can't find a soul that can help or even show some interest in what i'm trying to do!!!
    I always get no you can't do that!!! Them guys are going to blow up there cars. Has this day an age just gotten completely lazy and stupid!!!!!!!

    Sorry about the long read I'm just a little irritated that i can't get anybody to do anything cause they think it can't be done or they won't do it cause they never seen it done and believe it's impossible.

    I admit i'm no brain surgeon I'm just like anybody else out there you get and idea and go through with it. To me thats how we know if something is going to work or not!!!!!
  2. I see your frustrations daily where I work. I am a computer technician and things for me are simple and a basic step that I have learned a long time ago. I tend to be a little harsh some times with my customers because I feel that they ask stupid questions. I have to step back and realize that they did not go to school for what I did and that they are asking the questions that are Major to them because they honestly do not know the answer. I come to my senses and then answer the question and show them the best that I can how to do it for themselves for the future. See I am one of 30 Technicians for the Louisville Area at UPS and there are many people that need computer help here.

    Your situation is quite the same in that other people in the general public (hardware stores, Parts stores and shops) and some people in the forums are more advanced that you and I. Since they know this matter like their alphabet they do not see it as a major issue as you and I do. Some of these people dismiss your questions as trivial and do not want to help you out (like the place you went) others like I see here and Turboford want to help so they write tech in the sticky thread. If you cannot find the answers there the most of the time if you ask in a thread you can get some good help and a couple of smart a** answers.

    There are some good people on the forums and I know that they will step up and get you the help that you’re looking for, just hang in there and don't stop till you get it done correctly.

  3. Welcome to the age of "Customer what?" ... "Service Who?" ... Just gimmy your damn money and let me pretend I care till the door closes on your...

    The only local speed shop/dyno in this area charges $150 per hour... to do anything at all. That includes sand blasting. It's all about sucking up as much $$$ as they can because nobody knows from day to day if they will still have a job - or a business. Welcome to the second depression.

  4. I have access to both of those programs at school if you're still lookin.
  5. My point exactly look here at mikeflys1 he is going to lend you his services just because he is a good man:lol: Plus down the road he is going to need some help himself and hopes that you may return the favor...........Ask and Ye shall recieve bretherand......
  6. Hey mikesfly i apprecciate the offer you the man!!!!
    At the same time I'm sure he'll read this post he reffered me to one of his sites and i just want to thank you for the info I believe it was slugstang he reffered me to
    Flemworld great site got to check it out!!!!
    Yeah i need the wiring diagram for an 11/83 SVO and an 89'lx If you want some cash i can send you some or pay pal let me know or anything just give me a reminder call and you gotit!!!
    Tomorrow I'm going to be pulling dashes out of my svo and donor 89' and start the transformation.
    Thanks again!!!!