you have to be ****ing joking this is ****ing me the **** off

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  1. I got no lie 30 miles down the road on the way to the beach, and it ****ing happened again, another ****ing rocker arm bolt ****ing broke, at this point im tired of ****ing with it, im putting it in the ****ing garage and taking the ****ing jetta to the beach and getting ****ing trashed. Im so ****ing ****ed right now its not even funny, Im ready to ****ing beat someone or something GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR! Thanks alot motor for ruining my ****ing vacation

    As for the replies in the other thread, the lifters are brand new, they better not have siezed. If its the lifters someone at summit is getting chewed out. I took my car to my mechanic to let him finish it off once I got to putting the heads back on the car, so if he overtorqued the rocker arms, his ass is getting chewed out too, and someone is paying for the repair, all the tow bills, and 36 hours worth of my ****ing vacation
  2. Man that sucks.....I would shoot someone.:uzi:
  3. we should get drunk together.... i just spent three weeks putting my car back together after hydrolocking the motor because of overheating and i got it back together today and you guessed running hotter then f*** again.... lets take them and set them on fire!
  4. sounds good to me-the drinking and the fire
  5. I had a rocker bolt break. I was able to get it out with a std. screwdriver (small) and just turn it out like a screw. It came out REALLY easy.

    After I got it out I took out a good one and went to lowes or Home Depot and bought 20 (they were packaged) grade 8 bolts for like 8-10$.

    I ended up bending a PR when the bolt broke on the opposite side of that cyl. You should check yours as well.
  6. its a plan.... pick me up in the jetta?
  7. man if you are breaking rocker arm bolts there is a reason.. stuff like that just doesn't happen for no reason i would seriously check the rocker arm geometry etc.

  8. sick_azz: ha yea, Im going to be in myrtle beach in about 4 hours, if you live along the way, sure! haha

    mytight: I think the rocker arms might have been overtorqued, but if not what do you think it might be with brand new lifters in there? maybe a defective lifter? Im open to suggestions.
  9. actually if you tell the combo, maybe we can help you figure it out.... if you have aftermarket heads what kind? What rockers? Pedestal mount or stud mount? all that kind of stuff if gonna make a difference. Also what cam is in there

  10. I seriously doubt that they were over torqued. When I installed mine the first time, I was told to just put them on as tight as I could. I did and ran the car like that for 4-5 months. After reading several posts, I went back and just tightened them to 22ft/lb.
  11. Lower grade bolts in there?? Any help guys? I think it is supposed to be at least grade..8 or is it grade ..5? Mechanic know what he is doing? Maybe just ask him what he torqued the bolts to without giving him a number? If he don't know right offt op of his head, ...chances....

    Hey but don't get mad and beat anyone up or end up making your life worse over it! Just do what I it yourself and then it gets done right. It's a pain at first but works for me. MAn that is so frustrating!!!
  12. yeah thats why i asked him to give a parts list...... if they were new rockers, they should have came with their own "tested" fasteners

  13. New Lifters? were they soaked in oil before being installed? Also was the motor pre-lubed before start-up?
  14. I see you're from NCSU. I used ot live over in Cary and know the area. What mechanic did you go to? The reason I ask is because I know a couple of other guys down there that know their stuff and maybe they could help you.
  15. the stock bolts are not grade 8 or even 5. I also know of several people who have had an issue with a stock rocker bolt breaking.
  16. When mine broke, the manuf suggested grade 5 or higher if memory serves..
  17. ok back from vacation, I havent torn it down yet this time, but my combo is a set of ported E7s with stock rockers
    (I know, Im a cheap ass) and pushords, new lifters, steeda 19 cam, and cobra intake. When I replaced the one the broke the first time I used a grade 8 bolt in it, basically when I check which one is broke now if it is the same one Im going to look for pushrod length and or defective lifter, if its a different one Im going to change out all the rocker arm bolts, and check for some kind of valve interference; this sound about right?
  18. were they shaved or anything like that when they were ported......

  19. I'd like to know the answer to what Jason asked as well. There are a TON of things that can effect rocker arm geometry (valve job, valve length, head gasket thickness, block being decked, heads being milled, etc). If its not right you will have problems. I've been messing with mine now for over a week trying to get it just right. That's the pain with pedestal rockers. The only nice thing is that once you get it all figured out, its a breeze to set them up again if you take the rockers off and have to put them back on.
  20. see thats what Im not 100% sure on, Im pretty sure they werent, but not 100% sure, the guy I got to assemble the heads said they did not look to be.