You Know You Drive a 4.6 Mustang When...

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  1. Ok, this topic has been started on JeepForum (in most all sections, XJ, TJ, etc.) a while back and it has done nothing but BOOM since it has started. The XJ thread has over 700 pages of these now. I have been on the StangNet forums for a while and have never seen a thread like this on here so I thought it could be a fun experience.

    Basically, all you have to do is finish the sentence with a trait that goes hand in hand with Mustang ownership. I'll start...

    You know you drive a 4.6 Mustang when...

    ...pushrods are a sin.

    ... you hear "Terminator" and don't automatically think of Arnold Schwartzenneger.

    ... deep dish rims make you :drool:

    ... EVERYBODY at stop lights wants to race. :rolleyes:

    Let's keep it going.:flag:
  2. Nice idea.

    When: can pick one out from several miles away just from the exhaust. drive around a parking lot just to find another one to park next to. can pick out the year model/body style of an oncoming Stang based on the head lights and/or fog lights. have seen Bullitt numerous times, normally only to watch the chase scene.
  3. That's the spirit! Those are good ones.:nice:
  4. When:

    ...your friend who live two blocks away call you to ask where you are going when you start your mustang.

    ...try to be polite to those 4-bangers that rev at you at every stop light and give them thumbs up.

    ...when you see a cop car you try to convince yourself he isn't going to pull you over for your loud exhaust.

    ...whenever you outrun someone you are almost assured to hear "that's weird , i beat mustangs all the time". give your car a feminine name and try to talk her into starting when she wont.
  5. .....when people constantly ask you what did you do to the engine.
    .....when your neighbors know exactly when you leave, about to come home, and when you turn your car off.
    .....when the 20 people behind you try to figure whose in front of them when you take off at the light.
    .....when you pull up behind some one with shades, a mean looking stalker hood, and rumbling engine and the person in front of you has to be reminded theres a green light.
    .....When highschool kids think you the coolest person ever.
    .....When you get respect and or hated on buy every one on the road. Mainly haters.
  6. you know you drive a 4.6 when.

    the only excuse LS drivers have is....Your cobra (03-04) needs a supercharger to keep up with us.
  7. ... when you check the price for a set of cams and they start at 600$.
    ... you always feel like your missing about 1 liter of fun whenever you see an LS1.

    Ohh wait, I think I'm not playing this game correctly. Sorry, I'm just not that excited about the 4.6 as a high performance engine. Makes a great daily driver though. :)
  8. ---When you drive around with your windows down all the time, even when its cold and rainy, just to listen to the sound of your exhaust!
  9. ---when you open the hood and the motor isnt a 5.0 :shrug:
  10. ...when you get annoyed that people keep asking if it's got a five-oh.

    ...if the nasty post oil change valve train racket doesn't phase you when you re-fire the engine.

    ...when everyone stares as the ecu revs the enginge a bit more than necessary when you start it up.
  11. ....when the SOB shoots a spark plug through a coil pack:rlaugh:
  12. :lol::lol::lol::lol:....When your intake manifold cracks in wierd places.
    .....When you daily driver is a honda civic.
  13. .....When you spend more money on your car than your girlfriend have won more races than you lost
    .....the only reason you sell your car is to move up to a mach 1 or a termi
  14. -When you don't fear the gear.
  15. .....When you roll down your windows at every overpass or tunnel to hear your exhaust
  16. When 4.30's are a good all round gear!!
  17. Indeed.
  18. :lol::rlaugh:

    My wife laughs at me everytime I do that...really cracks her up.

    .....When it looks like a 4x4 on stock springs.
  19. -When you hate that ricers always try to race you, yet you want to race every Corvette you pull up next to.;)

    -When water is still trickling down your hood from your fake hood scoop 2 days after you washed your car.:mad:
  20. "What kind of engine is in it"
    "Oh, so a 6 cylinder huh."