You Know You Drive a 4.6 Mustang When...

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  1. When you keep your foot resting on the clutch pedal to keep the tob from squeaking and everyone asks why you rest your foot on it...:D
  2. When you need a PI swap or Forced induction to make any kind of decent power? :shrug:

    Either way, I love my stang:nice:
  3. When you HAVE to have a winter beater, and the Stang feels really really strange during that first drive in April. (today)
  4. When you really don't give a rat's behind what everyone else thinks. You know what you got, and it's a good thing....
  5. ...upshifting gets you out of a ticket

    ...while on vacation in Boston, the big dig tunnels are more exciting then what you really are there for.

    ...sitting at a red light you can actually get out of a race just by revving it up. sell two and end up buying another 97 because you "miss it"

    ...the drive thru turns into a game of bet you cant order while i sit at 2500rpm?

    ...your family refers to it as your Nascar (grammy is hilarious)

    ...parking garage have lots alarms going off because you started your car on a cold day have pushed a 4.6 to make 500 hp but the chevy guys still try the "no replacement for displacement" crap and theyre rocking a spectre intake with stick on fender vents.....(classy)
  6. ... you always win races against LSx cars because they are in fact enviously listening to your exhaust and you just don't realize they aren't racing but rather 1/2 throttling to say near your tailpipes... :(
  7. ive been out of the game for a while, cant believe this thread is still going!

    ... when your routine is open door, sit down, start car, turn off traction control.

    ... when bowtie boys ask you what kind of exhaust your car has... as if there was ever any hope for the sound of a late model F body...

    ... when the 5.0 guys look at your engine bay and go "is all that really necessary?"

    ... when you replace the rear tires about 4 times as much as the front

    ... when you look at the V6 guys like they are peasants. (you know you do)

    ... when you get next to any kind of potential race candidate on the parkway and you turn off the A/C... just in case

    ... when the only thing better than wrenching on the pony with a cold beer, is wrenching on the pony with more cold beer. :D
  8. ahh, Nate. You make us LSX guys feel warm and fuzzy. :D
  9. :lol: thanks Mark...

    I don't really need anymore hp/tq than my Mustang currently has. It gets to the speed limit fairly quickly and the thrill of accellerating doesn't last long anyways. I love driving it, it sounds sweet, and is plenty fast given that the speedlimit isn't higher than 70 here. Also, the closest 1/4 mile track is over 2 hours away and with little kids at home I don't really have time to go run my car anyways... It's more of a cruiser than a race car for me anyways.
  10. You Know You Drive a 4.6 Mustang When... the Cop who pulls you over apologizes because he thinks you would have beat the other car.
  11. Nice thread man........
  12. If this has happened to you before, i want to shake your hand! that is awesome! :nice:
  13. measure your succes by the amount of ill will genrated bothers.

    if the hate is high then your doing it right:D
  14. Now thats hilarious right there, :hail2::rlaugh: