You Know You Drive a 4.6 Mustang When...

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  1. When you spend countless days and hours on a forum looking for answers to questions you have.

    When everyone disses the 96-98 gt's but she's your baby so you shower her with mods despite them.
  2. When a guy with a stock 15 sec 86 5.0 with rot holes everywhere makes fun of your car for being slow 4.6 and then claims his stock 86 5.0 lost only by a 1/4 of a fender to a 500HP 03 cobra :nonono:
  3. When you know to go 4.10's or bust.

    When you know NEVER to ask about cold air intakes on any Mustang forum.

    When your 96-98 GT gets outran by the family in a current gen Toyota Rav-4 V6.

    When you're always looking for a PI, 4v, or 5.4 swap.

    When you forgot all the bolt ons and go straight for some type of forced induction.

    When you cringe at the thought of paying for cams + labor to install.

    When you are proud to be the underdog.
  4. ....when after you've bought one, you're immediately shunned by the 5.0L community and really catch hell when you start to cast the 4.6L in a comparative light in their Forum.

    ....when even though your car has the identical power/drive train components to a Mustang, you still get no respect from fellow Mustang owners and your opinion suddenly becomes irrelevant because many believe that since you no longer own a Mustang, you must not know anything about them. ;)
  5. -----When you come home at 3 in the morning and want to reverese you car in the driveway then pops comes out the front door with his boxers screaming because you woke him up

    -----When your buddy with the 94 5.0 keeps saying that he will beat you in a race then you have to pull your gun out and say youll shoot if he doesnt stop talkin crap about your 4.6

    -----When you spend about 5 hours a day in front of the computer looking for things to buy for the 4.6

    -----When you realize that you should have never sold your white 95 snake and then 3 years later buy this slow ass 215HP V8

    -----When you know you will have this son'a **** forever and tell everyone daily that it will go to your kid 25 years from now.
  6. .....when you park your car and as your walking away turn around to look at it, again, and again, and again.
  7. ...when you see a cop car you immediately upshift and try to slink by.

  8. Got that one right. Cept I have an automatic......

    "c'mon baby, lock the torque converter, c'mon, should be enough speed, almost, dang it, *blips the throttle one more time*, almost to 3rd, there we go, *TC locks up*, good girl, good girl"

    OP, it might be a good idea to put all of them as they come in your original post. That way it's easier for people to read rather than skimming through tons of posts.
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  9. When you go to close your car door and it's stopped by your seat belt.
  10. .... when you get a louder exhaust to get rid of the squeeks and rattles .... when you sit near the restaurant window to look at your car
  11. ...When your SON never lets you drive your own car!
    ...When you go in to get your new tires rotated after 10,000 miles and the dealer says you need a new pair on the back!
  12. ...When every time you see a cop you automatically hit the brakes and pray you his radar isn't on!
  13. when u see another stang and drive around the parking lot to see if its a gt/cobra and not a v6.

    whne you lower your passenger window to listen to another stangs exhaust to decide if you want like it, and want it, or compare it and say to yourself, "mine sounds better".
  14. neighbors say, "i heard you leave this morning".... at 4am!
  15. you goose it in your driveway a few times to 6000rpm to listen to how its running....only to remember IT'S 4AM!
  16. When you come up on one from behind and the first thing you do is look to see whether it has dual exhaust cutouts in the bumper.
  17. ...When you see another Mustang coming you quickly turn down your radio and tell everybody in the car with you to shut the hell up , just so you can hear the song of passing exhaust:lol: !
  18. If someone hasn't said it yet. When u open your door and it makes that annoying squeaking noise lol
  19. When it's a hot day and you have to slam the door while holding down the window switch to get your window to come down. Don't know why, but mine only does this on hot days. :shrug:
  20. :lol: thats me!