you know youre a STANGNET junkie if...

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  1. -you can type your login and password in your sleep.

    -you understand phrases like WOT, UCA/LCA, SFC, STB, SOTP, IBTL, FTW, etc, and use them frequently in posts

    -you cruise the talk forums before you cruise the tech forums

    -half of your tech posts are just to increase your post count

    -you know exactly who to go to for suspension help, who for launching help, and who for extemely opinionated viewpoints of routine maintanence on a stock vert.

    -you cringe when you see the words "what gears are best?" or "hypothetically, who would win"

    -you hate the V6's, but drool over teh Kewbras

    -you answer every question with an obligatory "save for a blower"

    here are just a few to get the ball rolling. lets get this started, should be fun.
  2. When this is the only site your on..
    Its the frist site you go to when you wake up and the last site your on b4 you go to bed..
  3. :lol:
    So true, So true. Exspecially the part about the extemely opinionated viewpoints of routine maintanence on a stock vert.
  4. when you make a thread like
  5. When you go out of your way to ask any stang owners you see if they are on

    When you look in your cookies and all you see is

    When you eat 99% of your meals in front of the PC, cruizing the stangnet forums.

    When you read these type threads and reply

    LOL, awsome thread Derek! I always like these :nice:
  6. - when you hatin on the 05 stangs...

    - when you tell other ppl to "take it to the track" even though you street race
  7. LOL + 1 on eating in front of the pc while on stangnet.. I always do that.
  8. When your wife knows everyones SN.
  9. stangnet?

    i thought this was

  10. when you get banned for hatin on the 05 stangs :nonono:

    when a female registers on the site and the first thing you ask for is pics
  11. ...when you buy mods just to make your sig bigger.
  12. Got one.

    -When PIITB is your default response to a question you can't answer.
  13. When you realize you really shoulda bought an SRT4

  14. oh snap
  15. When you get more private messages than snail mail
  16. ... TURBONATOR!
  17. When your parents say "If you would spend half as much time studying or concentrating on school as you do on Stangnet..."

  18. When you stay ready to minimize stangnet so your boss cant see what
    your looking at. :SNSign:
  19. When you reply to gear threads every week and write "DO A SEARCH" :D