Your dream car.. in reality??

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  1. Wats your dream car, thats you can actually afford one of these days?? mines would have to be a 00-02 trans am with the ws6, 6 speed, and of course t-tops
  2. woops.. i thought this was in "talk"
  3. Saleen S281E
  4. Corvette z06 :)
  5. Early modle 60's Nova/Chevy II. I really like early Camaro's and Firebirds/Ta's. I used to love the newer modle F-bodies, the look alone is mean, let along the drive. But I don't like the way they were built.
  6. Ohhh, I was going to say that, but can't really afford one yet. One came into work yesterday. It had a flat tire and the guy didn't reset the air pressure sensor readout. The only way to reset is to drive, so the service manager said "well, do what you have to do" I didn't really get on it, but that ladies and gentlemen is true CAR, hard to explain you just need to drive one.
  7. 1969 Camaro Z28, or 1970 Cuba. :drool:
  8. same here I cant afford one yet at the moment... I felf in love with corvettes since i was like 4 yrs old.
    Exactly like u said the corvette is a true CAR. dont get me wrong I love stangs camaros TA's but the Corvette is the daddy of all :)
  9. make it a 69 SS :D my dad had one but he sold it :(
  10. Hope this counts for reality...

    67 Camaro RS, 79 Corvette Stingray, (not much from GM sorry)

    03 Mustang Cobra, 05 F-150, 05 F-250 Powerstroke, 05 Mustang GT, Ford 500 if it had more hp,

    05 Chrysler 300, 05 Dodge Ram truck,

    Lexus IS 300, Acura TL, Honda Accord for my wife, Subaru WRX STI, a few others from BMW probably too expensive...

    That was just a few, probably to many favorites.
  11. 03 cobra or 02 WS6 :drool:
  12. I'm quite happy with the two in the garage....

    But I've never driven anything that was quite as enjoyable to me as a Porsche 911 Targa I used to own. I suppose if I was to get whacky, I'd find it hard to resist dropping 70 large on a new Cayman.
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  14. Wow, an old RX-7 with a HUGE body kit! :D J/K I know what that car is, and yes, I would like to have one. Daggar educated me on it... :nice:

  15. 90-93 Fox body notch lol.
  16. If it was just a car that wouldn't be a daily driver and can actually be a reality some day (no exotics like Ferrari) I'd pick a 1967 Shelby Cobra 427 (most likely replica kit car) I think that would be an absolute blast to drive!
  17. Old: 1971 Hemi Cuda 4 Speed.

    New: Saleen S7 or Ford GT
  18. a 9 second Fox hatch :drool:

    Seriously, I'd kill for one :flag:
  19. What's a Cayman? Never heard of it.... :shrug: