Your opinion on what I was told at MW @ Darlington

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  1. Not only that but I get annoyed running around in 3rd and 4th gear down side streets. I just want to use 2nd and 3rd around town and 4th and 5th on the highway. Too much shifting gets old.
  2. Although no street driving I saw very little difference in my 4.10s, from the 3.73s. My sisters 3.55 car seems to be a well mannered street car and if you don't mind driving in the 2500-3000 RPM range a bit, I stay in 3rd gear on most side roads.
  3. To start get some tires and gears first. 2.73's to 3.55's or 3.73's and a Nitto Drag radial could get that 2.2 60ft to a 2.0 or 1.9 if you're good. That will cut the time at the 1320 mark by quite a bit. I'm guessing 14.20's 14.30's.
  4. I too have 3.55's and love them, and I must say I loved my 3.27's I had before :eek:

    I know, outside of the normal thinking. But I got phenom fuel mileage, and barely noticed a difference from the .27 to .55 and still pulled off great times at the track. With just a Magnaflow CB and the 3.27's I pulled off a 14.2 with my fox... :shrug:
  5. I miss my old 4.10's and T5-Z in my 89. lol