Roush Your Saleen Video!!!!!!!!!!!

Discussion in 'Special Production' started by saleensc281, Jun 4, 2005.

  1. Everyone that has a video of your Saleen or Saleen that you have videoed, please post them up, for everyone to admire!!!!!!!!!!! Jake :banana:
  2. Good stuff man, now u just need a outside camra guy!!!!!!!! Bad ass car by the way and thanks for postin!!!!!! Jake
  3. Great videos and nice angles in them.
  4. nice vid, whats the exhaust combo on the yellow one?
  5. BBK Long Tubes and Off road X and Bassani Cat Back w/3in tips.......
  6. Sweet lookin and sounding Saleens!
  7. My car one the Dyno and on the Freeway ( Black Convertible 03 Saleen) AWESOME VID BTW

    My 03 Saleen

    Me on the Dyno (347/350)

    On the Dyno
  8. first dosen't work, didn't try second
  9. Both dont work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. Damn there both on the same server.

    Server is down try again later...
  11. - you can see me reving up my eaton on the freeway. There's a few more clips in the audio video section.

  12. Sweet vid man!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks for postin!!!!!!!!!!!!! Come on guys lets see them. Anyone got Cobra Saleen vid or a new Saleen vid!!!!!!!
  13. Nice, clean car. Great sound and I love the video.
  14. tfalk,Great run! Could you post a pic of your factory five? Mark
  15. Thanks Mark! History of the build is here at least up until a couple of months ago.
    I haven't updated it in a while, spending too much time chasing kids...
  16. Tfalk GREAT RUN. What are your complete mods?