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  1. You're right.. That 3m doesn't do a very good job of getting rid of the swirls, but it did a good job of removing any residue leftover from the Zaino ZPC. That's the only reason why I used it.
  2. cool, thanks for the tip
  3. love zaino have used it for years, one thing i do is dampen the applicator pad first with water, or Z6 and ring it out thoroughly before putting wax on the pad
  4. The recommended worked for me. A little does go a long way
  5. I gave this stuff to my son. It was awful! Way to much money for the price. I will stick with meguires.
  6. You must not have used it right. Zaino makes Meguires look like turtle-wax.
  7. Awful becuase of the price or awful because your son didn't know how to use it correctly and so got poor results?

    One bonus with Zanio Z2 and Z5 - you can use it on the black plastic exterior trim parts and it'll look fine - you just polish it up - no white streaky residue crap - and none of the dust you get from wax either.

    My buddy nextdoor who has always used wax on his 01 Camaro SS dropped by the other day after I invited him to come look at my 99 vette after just 3 coats of zaino. He couldn't believe the deep wet glassy shine. No way would I ever switch back to wax - it's just inferior.

    I don't think it's expensive either when you consider how far it goes when used as directed in Zaino's instructions.
  8. Ok...You all, and the website, have my attention. I live in central Texas..and the elements are brutal on cars here especially the hot, dusty summers. So I just placed my order. My plan is to get fresh pics after it arrives and I apply the stuff and re-create profile for stangnet since my car has undergone a couple changes in the last couple months.
  9. Here is a couple of pics of some Zaino on black.. I used just the z2 on my stang and I used Zaino Fusion, along with meguiars #7 followed by some Z2 on my firebird. It doesn't get much better than that... The meguiars under the z2 comes out perfect..

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  10. here are some pics of the stang

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  11. wow! thats a great shine!

    on another note, i know someone with an 02 WS6 with a ghost bird on the hood. ill see if i can get some pics of that. looks awesome!