Zex Dry or Wet nitrous kit?

Discussion in 'SN95 4.6L Mustang Tech' started by 98blackstallion, Nov 16, 2005.

  1. which one do you guys prefer? WHich one is easier to install? Can I use a purge valve on either of these? I know this question has been beaten to death i just need a quick answer. thanks
  2. wet kit all the way. just get the NX GenX2 upgrade to compliment the nitrous.
  3. where can I find a NX kit at for the best price? I know i can get a Zex dry kit with all of the accesories for around $1000.
  4. for the EFI kit and the Genx2 setup its like $175 bucks cheaper than getting the zex dry kit with all of its hardware...wow not to shabby. SO if I buy the NX EFI kit with the GENX 2 hardware will i be able to install it and use it or do I have to buy more than that?
  5. colder plugs are needed and a dyno tune wouldnt hurt
  6. Whats the diff. between "wet" and "dry" kits?
  7. dry kit is just spraying nitrous and a wet kit sprays nitrous and fuel mixed together.
  8. So the "wet" kit is safer?
  9. exactly.. its alot safer ;)
  10. Let me ask a question, if you could get traction could you spray thru each gear or spray till you shifted, stop spraying, and continue spraying until you changed gears again???
  11. yeah i think its called a window switch.
  12. i have been reading alot here lately that the zex kit is alot easier to install and is alot better of a kit than the NX wet kit? is this true? Would it be possible to get the NX genx 2 hardware to work with the zex nitrous kit?
  13. Well I spray through the gear change but I'm stupid.
    Zex better? To be honest ever kit has people that love them and people that hate them. I prefer NX kits over most. Haven't been too impressed with Zex stuff.
    As for using the genx with other kits shouldn't be a problem. The genx is the heater, blowdown, pressure gauge, FPSS and the assorted wiring to hook it all up.