2015 Ford Mustang redesign says ‘no’ to retro look

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    What was everyone excited about in 2005, in the world of Ford Mustang? Oh yeah, the ditching of the SN95 platform and the advent of the S197 platform–a totally retro throwback to the classic Mustang era…with a modern twist. That was nearly a decade ago, folks, and we all know that Ford isn’t going to sit on a warm egg forever. Pretty much every notable media source, including Inside Line, is in agreement that the 50th Anniversary Ford Mustang is going to finally ditch the retro look. So, while the neo-classical montage might take a trip to the dump, what we have to look forward to is a teasing of concept let loose from the advent of the 2005 Mustang, the 2010 Mustang, and nudges of aftermarket cues ever since the bread crumbs started to fall, leading up past the 40th–and now the 50th Anniversary.
    So just what do we have to expect in year 50? We’d say a global platform. A non-retro look. A Ford Mustang that sets a new trend in the aftermarket. A pony car that not only exudes performance, but also efficiency to make other makes quite envious (as if not already accomplished)…
    Keep reading the IL clip to get more on their take. All we know is, we’ve been saving our pennies for a glimpse at one of these; we might even take one home. [​IMG]
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