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  1. J

    Mustang Repair Shop In Maryland??

    Does anyone know of a good shop in Maryland that works on the Foxbody Mustangs? Thanks
  2. 60660

    Hello Everyone

    Hello, Back in college I had a new 1990 Mustang GT. Now, many years later, I'm looking at Fox body Mustangs and am looking forward to getting back into the community. All the best, JW
  3. H

    Quick Help - Tail Lights For My 83 Fox

    Just bought tail lights for my 83 fox, however can't find the sealer required to install any help?
  4. O

    Expired 1990 Mustang Gt 5.0 5-spd $11,500 Bellingham Wa

    Up for sale is our fine little fox body Mustang GT 5.0L. This little gem can be shown, tracked and then driven to work. It's that simple. Quick 1/4 mile time was set at Mission Raceway Park a few years back at 12.77. What still needs to be done? Well...both front seats need new upholstery and an...
  5. 88mustang on a budget

    Project "blown Budget"

    Ight been awhile since i made any post. Life got away from me. Daughter is growing up fast and trying not to miss out on it. As far as car goes. The 88gt is scrapped. And the 89lx is under way. Mods so far: Tubular rear control arms 95 gt rear end with posi and 3.55 Aluminum drive shaft Tubular...
  6. W

    Foxbody Sn95 Spindle Question

    A buddy of mine has a 96 gt hes parting out i've read up on the rear end stuff but the front spindles is what have me confused. I've read that you cant use 96 spindles on the stock k member has to be 94-95 is this true or can i use the 96 spindles on my stock k member?? Thanks
  7. A

    Value Of Mustang Bought In Germany

    I bought a 1988 GT and the guy who bought it before me got it new in Germany. The car is still original and I still even have the window sticker. While looking into getting it repainted due to some sun blemishes and minor rust, I was told that the car has a lot higher value than the average...
  8. Daywalker121

    New From Indianapolis, In

    Looking for Fox Body guys around Indy to give me some tips. I have a '91 vert, bought in July this year. Looking for a good Shop in the Indianapolis area...preferably the south swap out gears and weld in sub frames. Hit me up!!
  9. KXT

    ☆☆☆☆foxtoberfest ☆☆☆☆

  10. Devin7344

    Fox 3.8 Essex Into Fox Body

    Hey everybody I just joined the forum and this is my first post. (Sorry if it's in the wrong place) I've been wanting to get a fox body for a while but don't really have the money for a nice 5.0. However, I see rollers for about $500 on Craigslist which is more in my budget. Now I have an old...
  11. E

    Expired 90 Mustang Lx Convertible

    1990 Ford Mustang Convertible. Located in Spartanburg, SC Original owner, 70,000 Original Miles, New Top, New Battery, Never Wrecked, Original Paint Completely Original with No Missing Parts 2.3L, Automatic, PS, PB, PW, Cruise, Power Mirrors, A/C, AM/FM/Disc, Have original radio All...
  12. 9

    Expired 87-93 Gauge Cluster Bezel

    Like the title says, I have an extra one. It has a crack on one of the top screw holes, but it can be fixed. If I were putting this one on my car, I'd wash it and then respray it with the black interior spray from like LMR. The previous owner put a tiny red light on the bottom right but you...
  13. E

    Expired 90 Mustang Lx Convertible

    1990 Ford Mustang Convertible located in Spartanburg, SC Original owner, 70,000 Original Miles, New Top, New Battery, Never Wrecked, Original Paint Completely Original with No Missing Parts 2.3L, Automatic, PS, PB, PW, Cruise, Power Mirrors, A/C, AM/FM/Disc All receipts from new invoice...
  14. C

    My First Project 1970 Coupe

    hey guys i have a 1970 mustang coupe 6cyl. and was wondering if a new fox body sub frame would fit under it. and if you might ask why im asking this is because (i know i will get hate) i intend to ls swap it and there isn't a kit for a 70 mustang that i have found, but for the fox body there are...
  15. J

    Need Help

    I'm 15 yrs old & just bought a fox body convertible, I'm want to know if a 94-04 mustang spoiler can fit on my fox
  16. StarvinMarvin

    1990 Vacuum Help

    I am having trouble figuring out my vacuum lines. I am working on a 1993 4cyl that I am swapping a 1990 v8 in to. I have no egr/smog pump/charcoal canister. Need to know which vac lines I can cap/delete and where the rest go. The attached IMG is what I'm having the biggest problem finding a...
  17. M

    Harmonic Balancer/crank Pulley Issues

    So im in the process of rebuilding my 302 for my fox body. The engine is out on a stand and Ive been replacing various things here and there over the past month or so. When the engine was in the car and I fired it up, the harmonic balancer would wobble a fairly decent amount although the crank...
  18. C

    Expired 88 Mustang Gt

    $4,300 REDUCED AGAIN PRICE REDUCED $4,600---See Pics Below...Asking $5,900 OBO I am selling my 1988 Mustang GT. The vehicle was rebuilt from the ground up by myself and my mechanic about 3 years ago. Only driven about 3,000 miles since. Garage kept. The engine is an Explorer 5.0 with about...
  19. B

    Expired 1993 Red Gt Convertible 30,000 Miles!

    Beautiful 1993 Red Mustang GT Convertible with perfect black leather interior. 1993 was the last year for Ford's Fox Body Mustang and this one is in Perfect factory condition with no modifications. It is a single owner that purchased it new in 93 but due to health problems, was unable to enjoy...
  20. A

    Car Won't Get Up To Operating Temp

    im not really sure where to go from this point so i decided why not give this a try, maybe someone might have a clever idea. i have an 83 fox that i just put a new 2 core aluminum rad in as well as a new water pump. the motor is a carbureted 306 with a comp cam edelbrock heads an edelbrock...