'02 from NC

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  1. Hey guys. I'm Steven from Clayton, NC. I've been reading over this forum for the past few days and figured I'd quit lurking and actually register.

    I have an 02 Premium GT. Mineral Grey. I've got a few mods (SLP loudmouth catback, K&N CAI, etc etc)... mainly a work in progress on a budget. Not done adding body parts so excuse the non painted pieces (Saleen spoiler and 03 cobra sideskirts and then paint) lol

    Here's the latest pics I have. Yes I know it needs to be lowered. Which is next. I've got the H&R SuperSports and MM Caster camber kit waiting in the garage for the weekend. (If the weather holds up).

    Anyways, nice to meet you guys. Anybody from NC... hit me up. I know how many shows there are around here in the summer. :nice:
  2. Here's another of the Mustang and one of the bike...

    2004 Suzuki GSXR 1000. (PCommander, Hotbodies undertail, Pro-Tek triple tree, BMC air filter, flush mount LEDS, Pearl white with chrome red decals, solo seat cowl, etc etc etc):nice:
  3. Welcome to :SNSign:, Steven!! Nice car and project you got going. :nice::nice:
  4. :welcome: to stangnet! :nice: Nice looking stang. I'm from the Southern Pines / Pinehurst, NC area.
  5. Welcome Fellow NC Stanger, Asheville, NC Are here
  6. Welcome! Awesome Stang! That's gonna look even more wicked when it's lowered, and I like those sideskirts! Can't wait to see the finished product!
  7. Thanks for the welcome. I'm actually on the last spring right now. (taking a break for some pizza rolls)..lol..

    BTW best advice for anyone who is installing springs... GET AN IMPACT WRENCH... battery powered or air.. It made it 10x easier. I didn't have one and ended up having to drive to my friends house to get his.

    Look forward to hanging out with you guys..
  8. Nice looking car. You go to NC State by any chance? There's a drag strip club here that I'm a member of that's pretty active. Also a club called "Stangs-R-Us" in the area that I've been meaning to drive down and check out sometime.
  9. No, no NC state. I drive by there on my way to Blue Ridge theatre sometimes.. $1.50 movies rule.

    I've seen a few clubs in the area. Mostly "Heart of Carolina Mustangs" and alot of people running Fastlane motorsports decals. Do you ever go to the show they have at Grill '57 on every 3rd Sunday? I've been out there a few times with some friends... nice place to meet and cruise.

    I've spent the weekend lowering my car and installing my MM CCamber kit and I'm itching to show it off so I'll probably be out at the Grill '57 next weekend.