02 Kenne Bell Saleen S281 #129

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  1. Up for sale is my Kenne Belled Satin Silver 2002 S281 Saleen #0129

    Built Motor/Kenne Bell have ~7-8k miles
    Car has about 56k miles

    I will be in the market for a new car soon and if I could sell this I would have a nice down payment..
    I'm in no hurry or real need to sell so please no low ball offers.

    Some info on the car.. May have some missed but if you have any questions feel free to ask.

    Car makes 450rwhp and 520rwtq with a ~12.0 a/f ratio.. and makes 544rwhp/646rwtq on nitrous tune ~12.5 a/f ratio. (Only used nitrous I think 3 times.. all at track with race gas.)

    Car has seen a best of [email protected] That was letting off at the end of the track.. I am pretty confident it has 10's in it easy with a good driver.

    Built 2v (Manley H-beam rods, JE Pistons, Cobra Crank, etc.)
    1.7L Kenne Bell Supercharger
    BBK Intake
    BBK 75mm Throttle Body
    42lb. Fuel Injectors
    90mm MAF Meter
    BBK Long Tube Headers
    BBK H-pipe
    Bassani Exhaust from Saleen
    T-3650 5 speed Transmission
    Spec Clutch (I believe stage 2+) would need to check papers
    Aluminum Flywheel

    Suspension and Rear End:
    Built Rear-end including,
    Ford Racing 3:73 Gears
    Limited Slip Differential
    31 Spline Axles
    MM Subframe Connectors
    MM Caster/Camber Plates
    Saleen Springs
    Saleen Shocks
    Saleen Front Sway bar
    13” Brembo Brakes/Pads
    265/35-18 BFG KDW's
    295/35-18 BFG Drag Radials

    Saleen Vented Hood
    Full Original Saleen Body Kit
    Black 18x9/18x10 Saleen Replica Wheels
    Clear Corner Headlights
    Black Billet Grill
    Black Saleen Bumper Letters

    Leather Seats
    6 in Dash CD changer
    Ford Racing Fuel Pressure Gauge
    Ford Racing Boost Pressure Gauge
    200 MPH Saleen Speedo
    Center Pod with Boost/Temp Gauge
    Original Saleen Floor Mats

    All Engine work and Tuning was done professionally by PSI Motorsports and Strictly Performance.

    Few pics..

    Not the greatest pic in the world of the engine.. a little dirty.

    and a couple cool artsy ones.

    Clean history on car..
    I'm the only owner of the car.
    Paint is in excellent condition as shown by the above pics.
    Only negatives are a dent in the front fender and driver door, but each can be fixed. Also small scratch on hood.. Pics can be provided upon request.

    If you want to see the car in person or have any questions at all, please email or pm me. I am free workdays after 530pm central time and on weekends.

    NADA lists it at $20,900 at average retail and close to 24,000 at high retail..
    2002 Saleen Saleen Mustang S281 SC 2 Door Coupe price report at NADAguides.com
    This car is definitely worth every penny for a high retail.

    ASKING $22,500 but will consider all serious offers.
  2. interested in trading for 2 cars? 99 GT and 68 AMC Rambler, both perfect condition. [email protected]
  3. Not looking to trade :(
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