1. Just bought the wife an 02' Z-28, it's an automatic and I did about 3 free mods and put a cut out on it and it ran a 13.17 @ 104 into a head wind. That is very impressive. I have an 05' Gt with about 2500 dollars into it and I will be surprised if it runs anywhere near my wifes car. The LS1 is a bad car and I know for a fact that if you want to run with them your going to have to either dig deep in your wallet or come up with a sick combo to run next to them. Don't get me wrong.... I want to pull on them just as bad as the rest of you but it is going to be tough. That's the difference between a pushrod and modular. As well as 1.1 L more. But one thing I can say that I love about the 02 is the throttle response. Man I wish they would have stayed with the throttle linkage instead of that fly by wire crap. :damnit:
  2. fly by wire is relatively new,give it time.I agree about the z28's,they bowwed out of the game 3 years ago and there "still" faster then the GT's!!
  3. I don't quite get what you are saying. In January of '05 Motor Trend ran a stock GT in 13.5 sec 103 in the quater mile. Your wife's LS1 is running 13.1 with mods. What exactly did you do that cost $2500. I think there should be no problem running low 13 sec with that much money in mods. Set of 4.10 gears, control arms, CAI, tune. You are still under $2500 with that and you should be beating that 13.17 with no problem.
  4. with $2500 worth of mods you could be running a low 12 but thats with the help of nitrous. Otherwise a high 12 is very possible if you wanted to go straight for a drag race setup.

  5. My 01 Z28 six speed (won't get into the build quality) stripper runs consistent 13's, no lid, no gears etc.. totally stock.
    I'm curious as well what you had done for $2500.
    With 2500 into your car you should be able to take one with ease, especially a fully loaded auto.
  6. Tell me something I dont already know, I had a 98 LS1 6M Z28 and it was a beast. Just cant beat 5.7L of tourqe. I love my stang, but its still to bad they quit making camaros.
  7. i run high 12s with a cold air, controll arms, imrc plates and cat back ... On stock! tires..

    12.90 at 106 on stock tires with a half arsed 1.97 60 foot .. seems like you are a good bit off on your performance predictions

    and on slicks i gaurentee the cars got a 12.50 in it lower if i put in some gear.
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  9. Good for you, but I think this is more suited for talk
  10. he did say ABOUT 2500 and maybe that is icluding labor. Maybe his GT is an auto too.
  11. That's what I am talkin about :nice:

    You can do all those mods for under $2500 including labor.
    JLT Cold Air $150 (10 minute install)
    Tune = $375
    Cat back with x-pipe ($800) without ($400) Labor approx $200
    Control arms $100 labor $100
    IMRC plates $150? labor $100.
    On stock tires = priceless (jk)
    Those are conservative numbers and you are still under $2000.
    I did all my work myself so I am guessing on labor but its in the ballpark.
  12. Well, that's $2000, and I doubt a tune, catback, and x-pipe will make more power than a '02 LS1 with free mods. The LS1 could put down upwards of 325rwhp.
  13. Correct, but I have that setup and I am putting down 299.1 rwhp which is a 20+ hp jump from stock and we are talking 1/4 mile times not HP. In which case if a stock GT runs it in 13.5 then a GT with those mods should have no problem keeping up with or even beating a 13.14.
    Also, b/c I did all my own installs all those mods only cost me $1300. If I had another $1200 to play with for control arms, tires etc, I guarantee being able to run with that LS1 no problem.
  14. is also heavier without removing anything.

    so take that into acount.
  15. "If" a stock GT runs 13.5, from what ive seen and heard there anywhere from a 13.5 to 14.5 sec car depending on driver, most avg high 13's stock. Perfect conditions and driver that LS1 should hit high 12's stock. Most likley not going to happen.
  16. I don't know about that, if a Z28 is making 26rwhp more and both cars have the same weight....I don't see you beating it. Plus, YOUR car put down 299rwhp, most others I've seen with the same mods are in the 290rwhp range. Dynos will vary I guess.
    Not to be rude, but that would mean you were running with a 10yr. old car.(LS1 came out in 97).
  17. I hear that but I thought the argument was that an '05 GT would have trouble keeping up with an '01 LS1 and I am saying that is not true. Also the LS1 was one cool car and there is no replacement for displacement. I think you can say a lot for a 4.6 keeping up with the 5.7.

    I account my numbers to the JLT CAI being a great CAI and a very professional and tedious custom tune done by Matt of Force Performance in Yonkers, NY. Check out JLT's website, they are making very similar dyno numbers as mine with an SCT tune and their CAI. On the site it says "Dyno results on 4 different GT's showed gains of 28-35 RWHP and 25-35 RWTQ with a nice safe tune." Which is pretty much the gains I saw, plus I have Bassani cats, x-pipe and axle backs.
  18. A $2500 bodykit isn't gonna help you lost half a second on the strip...
  19. You should put a big Stall and some gears in that LS1 and see it fly They are good for mid 12s with just a lid and a 4000rpm stall. check out www.revxtreme.com/forums lots of good guys over there with some sick LS1 cars.
  20. The 02 Z-28 is also fly by wire.

    I put the entire suite of SLP intake and exhaust enhancements on my '02 Z28 vert and it had enough pull to scare the hell out of me. AT WOT the ass end would break loose every time it shifted.