03' 10th Anniversary Convertible leftover "black"

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  1. Guys,

    I saw a dealer holding onto a 10th anniversary Black Convertible Cobra.. It's parked next to his 00' R away from the showrooms.. So he might be just storing it for himself...

    If he was thinking of parting with it (which I dunno ) what should be the lowest price he might bite on..


  2. Offer 33K :shrug:
  3. I bought an 04 cobra for 35, offer 30

  4. Miami ... Isn't yours a coupe ?? :shrug:

    verts usially run 3-5K more ...
  5. A local dealer has a 10th anniversary vert in black for 33500 on the window! But thats in Jersey, im hearing prices are different every where.
  6. Is the dealer Milne in Michigan? The've got a few anniversary cars left here either way.
  7. got my coupe in december for 30,200
  8. Sounds like Rizzo in N.Prov. If so, they want 40K for it I was told.
  9. Thats where i bought my 10th anniversary....31,500
  10. Had a friend who is an LVN and just bought one for $32K. They wanted $42K for it and he traded in his 01' GT, put $5K down, and had a $3K rebate. Said he was going to buy it, so the dealer gave it up for $32K. Lucky SOB.
  11. I just bought my '01 and the dealer had a 10th anniversary with sticker around $42k.
  12. Mike wins... Yep it's over at Rizzo's .. And the more I hear about him the more I feel like he's not gonna deal on anything special.. Supposably He wants to add that Mystichrome coupe from upstairs to his collection down there to.

    It must be nice to have a private specialty stang collection... :hail2:

  13. Got mine from Rizzo also, $31,100 before Tax and any money down. I REALLY wanted a vert but they werent moving on those back in Sept 03.
  14. ...

    You're crazy.
    I paid $28k for my sonic blue coupe (chrome) nearly 6 months ago.

    offer 28k, even though it's a convertible....maybe even offer $27k cash as a 1st lowball offer.
    It's a "year old" now, even if it's new.
    You might snag it for $29k.
    I would not pay more than $30k.

    Tell him you know what people are paying for these and are only willing to buy if you can get the deal you want.

  15. IMO you are more crazy if you think it'll sell for 27K, but that would be a killer price.

    In all honesty I just pulled that price off the top of my head. I saw a DSG 'vert at a local dealer with 33,500 on the windshield a few days before I posted to this thread.
  16. this is a 10th anniv and vert....price is gonna be at least 33000, looking at the couple Kelly blue book and nada numbers....its still new if it has the MSO, even if it was 10 years old...plus being a year old with no miles makes it a nice buy at almost any reasonable price
  17. When I was at Rizzo's a couple of weeks ago a salesman took me in and showed me that 10th anni, a mystichrome cpe and vert, a couple of Saleens and a '00 Cobra R. And thats not counting the other cars they have stashed at other locations. They don't care if they sell any of those cars as they love them as much as we do. Last year they were selling Mach 1's, Cobras and Lightnings there all over list, now they are offering rebates. What a difference a year makes. I almost bought a blue Mach 1 from them but decided a Cobra with a shaker will be cooler.
  18. That's the same spiel I was told by them.. They don't care to sell these specialties.. The '00 R actually was collecting some heavy dust but still had the lil nibbies on the tires to show that it has been "nowhere" yet... It can't go out and play.. :nonono:

    Bummer that a car like that has to be imprisoned in a showroom. :D
  19. Winner Ford in Newark Delaware has quite a few 03 10th verts left over. They are still listing on their site at 39K.
  20. "offer 28k, even though it's a convertible....maybe even offer $27k cash as a 1st lowball offer."

    funny thing about dealers is they would actually take less if you are financing. Dealers hate "cash deals" because they make money on the financing... sometimes more than on selling it.

    I personally have sold a car for about $1000 under cost because we were making $2000 on the back. We would not have taken that price if they brought us a check.