03 Cobra or not?

Discussion in 'SN95 4.6L Mustang Tech' started by Modular2v, Jun 11, 2004.

  1. Wait for the '06....

    Wait for the '06....

    Wait for the '06....

    What if they throw the 5.0L Cammer in the '06, with a blower? Or how about a 5.4L with a blower?? I would feel dumb if I traded in my car and went into more debt and then in a year and a half I started to see the pictures of a beautiful new Cobra, with an engine that eats mine for breakfast, coming out. :(

    And Blakers, you are crazy! hehehe, you have a 600 hp monster just waiting to be built and you aren't doing it! :shrug: :D
  2. stop making fun of me! I want a pet snake! My pony has been way to high of maintenance :rolleyes: :D
  3. The cammer motor is built to be N/A since the compression is high.

    I say get the 03-04 and mod it :nice:

  4. Yeah I know, but I am sure they would lower the compression is they were going to force air down its throat.

  5. Yeah, I am sure I won't want to wait for '06 when I run into you on the streets around here in your new snake, and I get to watch as your tail lights faaaade into the distance! hehe :D
  6. lol, hey when I get my cobra pushing mid 450's, you'll still seem them FAAaaaade away...... :flag:
  7. well guys i got my payments down to 430 a month and about the whole job security thing im not to worried....i have a scholarship to pay for my school and I really dont want to sound spoiled because im not...( i pay for my own car,gas, insurance etc.) but if i were to get in financial trouble my dad is kind of loaded. I JUST LOVE FAST CARS SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!! i cant resist
  8. but i wont get in money trouble. I would rather give up my kidney than ask my parents for money
  9. oh and the kenne bell is going on as soon as i get the car payed off!!! Im keeping it stock HAHAHAH riiiiigggghhhhtttt.
    But seriously the only thing im going to do until its paid off is a solid rear axel and full length exhaust. No pullies or tunes
  10. what kind of mods can i do and still keep it a reliable daily driver?
  11. Yea right you know after you get the car your going to want the KB so bad you go ahead and throw the 3800 into the new blower :D

  12. Congrats. You will probably mod it right away. The stock exhaust on the Cobra sounds like ASS. It's way to quiet.

    If you go the KB route in the future just remember to do it right your going to need alot more than $3700 to do it right. Expect around $6000+ with all the extras and the dyno tune.
  13. if i could afford the kenne bell i would.......but if i blow a motor or drop a rod iam screwed!!!! lol...maybe a 125 shot lol
  14. yeah neo i noticed the exhaust sucked....what do you recommend i was thinking about a borla stinger setup
  15. that stinger setup sounds sweet. There was some dude at the track in a snake and he had it and it sounded friggin rowdy
  16. about how much rwhp does a catback give a 03 cobra?
  17. With a catted Xpipe it sounds awesome. I put the Dr. Gas on with the Kenne Bell and I had to ditch the stingers since it's way to loud with the Off road pipe.

    So rule of thumb with the stingers catted yes off road no.
  18. typically a cold air and a catback is around 30hp
  19. ohhhh man this car is going to be fun!!!!!!!!!
  20. You have no idea ;)