03' Cobra..the PERFECT car.

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  1. I like the car quite a bit. It cerainly isn't as balanced as my '99 Cobra was, but it is a hoot to drive. They needed to cut out some of it's heft. It is more of an autobahn cruiser than previous Cobras.

    I have to agree with the buy American plan. I won't put up with junk and I have had no problems with American goods. Our stuff isn't dying on the road and leaving people stranded. Buying an Accord because you don't want your wife driving a Taurus or Malibu or whatever is a bit insulting. The difference in quality probably isn't measurable and they certainly aren't any safer in the foreign stuff. Fit and finish may be an issue to some, but engineering and mechanical quality seem to be on par, for the most part.

    Green 94 5.0, regardless of your opinion on your Cobra and Cobras in general, you picked the fight here. Your first post had about as much tact as Hitler speaking in a synagogue. Nobody likes a crab. Have your whole clutch replaced or go to an outside shop, as is your right. Do it yourself, even.

    Either way, quitcher****in'. Find a shop that you can trust or sell the car at a loss. You state in one of your posts that you make a fair chunk of change sitting on your can, so you can afford it.

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  2. im done replying to this thread. apparently it is no longer acceptable for people to have OPINIONS. :rolleyes:
  3. Who said that you couldn't have an opinion? There is just no need to be belligerent or crabby when you state it. You could have worded your post something like this: "I have a number of issues with my Cobra that Ford has not been able to resolve. I feel that Ford has dropped the ball on the new Cobra and their attitude will keep me from considering another Ford or other domestic vehicle, etc."

    We all have issues with something. Being crabby with people on this board who can't do anything about it is useless.

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  4. ok here goes.....

    I have a number of issues with my Cobra that Ford has not been able to resolve. I feel that Ford has dropped the ball on the new Cobra and their attitude will keep me from considering another Ford or other domestic vehicle.

    that better? ;) :p its just that when im talking about something that is bothering the hell out of me, it is difficult to word it in a nice way. im sure you can understand where i am coming from in one way or another.
  5. Eric N, you are right about the comment about friggin people who drive imports. If you made your living in manufacturing and had Toyota as a competitor you would have a different opinion. I wasn't the one that started the physical violence stuff. As far as the comments following my second post, Greenie Boy and Gun nut are in the minority. I don't see too many jumping to their cause. As far as me handling anybody, I can take care of myself pretty damn well. I have never started a fight but I have ended plenty. What drove my post was the following post made by Mr. greenie a few months ago in the topic http://forums.stangnet.com/showthread.php?t=375352.

    It's apparent that anything that goes against the grain in his life he labels them ass *******s or crappy quality when it comes to material things. When he buys his G35, it'll be no different. I am tired of people bashing Ford and then laying a reef around imports. You have no numbers or facts, big deal. Most of your comments are your opinion. So what if import cars are big sellers in the US. Americans drive SUV's and trucks. A friend of mine just rolled over 280k on his Ranger. It had a radiator and water pump put in it a month ago and a transmission about six months ago. Ford does make quality cars and trucks. Thta's my opionion. You have yours. It definatley isn't going to change the quality of the product Ford makes contrary to what you believe. If you go out to Nebraska where I'm originally from, OK or WY a Ford dealer will have 400 trucks on the lot and 50 cars. And import truck will never take the top spot from Ford as long as people are loyal to Ford. People like greenie and poop gunman don't make a drop in the bucket.

    poopgun, your last post is a contradiction. Smart people jump in a 4runner and idiots jump into US made vehicles and then you drive a Cobra because it's fun to drive. Man you are just plain stupid. You can't even spell. Maybe that's why Teddy Kennedy wins elections or Barney the Phag. In fact your post is so full of garbage and lack of merit, I can't even get upset reading it. You can get off on the net but in reality you are just a small person.

    I guess Americans are dirt bags for supporting Americans and you have a lot of class calling my wife ugly and my kid retarded. I've turned down better looking girls more than likey you've ever been with and more than you've ever had.

    poopgun, what do you do for a living? I'm a degreed design engineer building half million dollar US made equipment. My company may be closing this plant but it still ranks better than Toyota. I turned down offers to three plants. I can go anywhere, anytime and get a job at the drop of a hat. I have no fear of ever not having an income especially when the likes of you are the competition. I know I'm better educated after reading through your garbage.

    It's funny that you would be a gun lover living in a state that will eventually not allow you to own one. Hope you never end up in the south and get a southern education because you would get one with the attitude you have. You couldn't cut it down here. We had an engineer take a job down here from up north. He called everybody around here rednecks. Almost everyday he came to work he had some story of how he got into it with someone on the road, in a store or out riding dirt bikes. A friend of mine had to talk some guys out off beating his ass on a dirt bike trail oneday. He couldn't exist without conflict. In fact, I think he was lucky someone didn't stomp his guts out or pop a cap in his ass. Nobody at work liked him especially people on the floor. He left suddenly one day. There's no telling but maybe someone was after him. He tucked tail and headed back north.

    Now this is the last time I'm going to read this topic. I'm not like greenie and say I quit and then reply right back. People will see how stupid you are to reply when they know I won't read it when you post and attack me but I won't be reading it. I have better things to do than argue with juveniles. I have to get back designing this piece of equipment that's going to a sister plant. Final cost wil be $450k and it will keep this company out in front of Toyota and Americans in good paying jobs :flag:. Piss on imports.
  6. double post.....
  7. why are you quoting something i said months ago? it was the truth. every time i had the slightest question or comment, there was always some cocky prick with either a comment for me to sell the car or mocking me because i wasnt "intelligent" enough to know the answer to something related to the car mechanically. arrogance like that, in my eyes, makes someone an *******. i am far from a prick, and you will easily see that if you take 2 minutes to read over any of my near 800 posts in 94-95 tech. if i know the answer, im more than happy to help even if it has been answered countless times (which is often the case). in all honesty, your bittereness towards me just sees to stem from the fact that toyota sees to be a competitor that is threatening your employment status and anyone that even thinks about buying a foreign product is a bastard in your eyes because of that. i sincerely hope that you dont lose your job like may people are right now, but you seriously need to take your anger out in other ways. have a good day.
  8. <<I have to agree with the buy American plan. I won't put up with junk and I have had no problems with American goods. Our stuff isn't dying on the road and leaving people stranded. Buying an Accord because you don't want your wife driving a Taurus or Malibu or whatever is a bit insulting. The difference in quality probably isn't measurable >>

    Would that this were true. Go get a consumer reports on automobiles and check out the reliability issues with Fords or American Cars in general. Piss poor when compared to the Japanese. And consumer reports has MEASURED it. Then check resale value as a reflection of this reliability and you will find the same thing.

    Please understand that I drive an American Car. In about 27 years of driving, I have maybe spent 4 years in Japanese and German cars. I drive American cars for their soul. That said, I feel more comfortable and statistics ABSOLUTELY bear me out, with my wife in a more reliable ACURA.

    I'm not slammin the new COBRA far from it. I'm a huge fan. I tried to buy one when they first came out but my chest/back don't fit into those cute little seats. What are you gonna do I own a gym and I spend way too much time on the iron. Now I've been chatting with the wife about just buying the damn thing and getting some custom work done. Damn shame, I dig those seats.
  9. Did you ever read about the "final solution"?? Your analogy makes no sense...I interpret it as 94 5.0's first post being highly effective, kind of like the SS telling people to walk into a room and take a shower, only to have the gas come out of the shower heads, summarily killing them all.
  10. Yellow Horse, just what I thought, you are a Ford shop-rat. I see where your son got the retarded dominant gene from.. Maybe I'll come down there and bang your fat wife and nut on her face for the hell of it, you hillbilly redneck dik
  11. and you said my post was hostile? :rlaugh:
  12. I like my 03 Guys cant ya keep the attacks to each other and leave the families out of it. :shrug:
  13. Agreed! Hows he know the guys wife is fat anyway :shrug:
  14. streetsnake, what do you have done to your cobra?
  15. :rlaugh: :lol:

    :nonono: :notnice: there is a dude on Fordpower that traded his 99 GT for a G35 and has had it in the shop more than your 03 Cobra... so consider yourself lucky

    here is a glimps for you

    there is more if you need em
  16. am i reading wrong or did the guy get into an accident before his creaking started? the computer thing kind of sucks though, but if he had left it stock, he wouldnt have had any issue with that. that is my goal (the cobra is bone stock), so the computer "learning" wouldnt be a problem for me.....

    my cobra's added factory options that werent on the window sticker:

    squealing throwout bearing
    creaking steering rack
    clunking rearend
    bad vibration over 80mph
    bad pull to the right
    4 defective tires
    leaking passenger headlight
    creeping spoiler gasket
    lumbar that inflates out the back of the seat
    passenger seat that rubs the door
    drivers door that squeaks intermittently like it has a mouse trapped in it

    the neat thing is ford didnt charge me extra for any of those options. :D
  17. Educated guess... :lol:

    hey man, its fight fire with fire...

  18. no its was a paint defect....the car barely get driven, and had never been wrecked. he had his whole suspension warantied and there was a bunch of other thing they had to replace.. also I'm sure you read about the unibody welds missing.. its a running joke on what a piece it is...

    unfortunately the 1st run and some 2nd Cobra's had some issues...

    then again some of your problems have been stang issues period not just cobra
  19. mine was built at the beginning of the second run (beginning of jan 03). the only 2 problems my car doesnt have are the cylinder head tick and the stall.
  20. Green I got the car in July of last year and so far the only thing Ive done to it is UPR Shifter,K&N FIPK and Bassani catback. Im a little warranty sensitive so I have resisted the urge to do some of the mods I would like to do. So far the only warranty issue I have had is with the tick, which believe it or not I had fixed at Delray Lincoln Mercury the guy did a hell of a job and you couldnt even tell the engine was pulled. Im sorry you've had the trouble with yours I know how frustrating it can be. But I gotta tell ya I live to drive this car it's the most fun Ive had with my cloths on. BTW why dont you try and join us at the Svtoa meeting a week from Saturday at World Ford in Pembroke Pines, a lotta good guys show up there if your interested 3:30 p.m. Im gonna try to make it to Towers tomorrow night I have a Sonic Blue 03 look me up if you can make it. BTW I did have it dynoed 3 weeks ago and my best run was 410HP uncorrected and 369 lbs. of torque Needless to say I was happy. Peace out :nice: