03 cobra's or saleens? Pic inside..

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  1. what rims would you guys go with? i just bought cobra brakes with red 10th anniversary calipers. i guess my car will be confused with cobra brakes and saleen body kit..

    i cant decide between 03 cobra chromies, or 17" saleen replica's.. there is a set of mint 03 cobra rims close to me for cheap. saleen's end up costing me $200ish more in the end.

    here is the car. since this pic, visually its got a 2.5" cowl, smoked head/tail lights.

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  2. Are we talking about the Fox style Saleen wheels or the newer slim spoked Saleens? Either way go with the Saleen theme. Honestly want to build a clone after seeing your car.
  3. Keep it all saleen
  4. kinda what i was thinking...

    i had saleen's on my first fox, then my 03 cobra, guess ill get them again on this car lol
  5. I kinda like the rims you have on it :shrug:
  6. I'd go with the chrome '03 Cobras. Not sure what saleens come in 17"...prob the fox style right?

    If you are concerned with staying with an all Saleen theme, then you should prob remove the side stripes. Those are SN95 fader stripes and are incorrect on a Fox
  7. im not worried about staying 100% saleen correct. i just didn't want to hear it from the fobra/faleen people.. it was a faleen when i got it. so i loosely try to keep it oriented there.

    i guess i should care less though, cause it already has cobra rims.

    the saleens are 17x9, musle whatever sells them for like $620 a set. what is fox style? they aren't 4 lug.
  8. Those rims American Muscle sells are loosely styled after the 90-93 Stern/Speedline Saleen wheels put on the Fox Mustang

  9. Wheather you get the Speedstars or the SCs I would say Saleen. I loke the Cobras on the Fox but since the car is "Saleened" already I would keep the theme going. :nice:

    Just my .02
  10. deep dish saleen sc's...:D

  11. Anthracite 18" saleens FTW, if i can ever find those in a 36mm offset with a 6.48" backspace im wippin the card out
  12. i kinda want to try 03 cobra's..

    either way, im not sure what spindle/hub setup i have coming yet. my rear end seems to be sn95 track width right now.

    trying to do some research before i buy i guess so i dont have issues.
  13. I think the 03's would look sick but if you really wanna get Saleens, I think the narrow spoked ones look terrible in 17". I would get the Saleen SC's if your gonna get Saleens.
  14. this is some pics of the rear brake setup, isin't this an svo setup? i haven't measured the rotors, but looks like 11.35's or 11.65..

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    if i have that setup on the rear, im wondering if those new 17x9's will push out too far. ill have to take off a wheel and get some info and figure it out i guess.
  15. Look at the lower arms that the tie rods connect to ion the spindle. If they are straight they ate 96+ spindles, if they are curved in, they are 94-95 pieces.

    ETA: Unless you are only talking about the rears, in which case, idk, I think if you have 8" rims and they are close you have sn95 axles. If they are 9" and clear, you probably have Fox length.
  16. That's a 11.35" SVO rear setup, which in stock trim pushes the wheels out 1.25" each side. If you are wanting to run 9" wheels, you'll have to buy them in the S197 offset or modify your rear setup for stock track...unless it's already been done. Will need some pics of the axle brackets to know for sure.

    That prob means you have 73mm front calipers, and if done correctly, an SVO Master cylinder. It's HUGE for Cobra front brakes, so you will need to change your MC....unless the PO put a '93 cobra MC in already
  17. i actually have replica speedlines (or whatever theyre called, the ones for 94-04 saleens) in 17x9. dont think anyone makes em anymore, which sucks cause i need a center cap for one.

    i think i'd probably go with the fox-saleen style rims on yours, the 99 cobras you got look real good and somewhat similar (flat face, 5 star).
  18. the guy i bought the cobra fronts from, is supposed to send me a pic tonight of the spindles. so if i have 96+ spindles, what style rim should i get on the front to run 9"?

    i havent measured my rims, they are probably 8" though. i think i do have sn95 track width, so i need 05+ rims for the rear?

    as far as master cylinders, i dont know what was/wasn't done. the pedal is pretty soft for about half the travel then the brakes grab pretty good. i suppose ill have to change that eventually also..