04 GTO vs. 05 GT (From the GTO owner)

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  1. First off I wanted to say great run to the owner of the white 05 GT. I never got his name but he was a nice guy and he can launch that car. His 60ft was 1.992. Pretty dame good for all season street tires. Also, the 05 is a great looking car in person and sounds nice. The main reason I wanted to run him was to get a nice photo of the two cars at the line. A black GTO and a white GT was something I couldn't pass up. Not to mention that I was interested in how it would run.

    As far as the run it was good. If you guys want me to post the specifics let me know. Yes, I did beat him and no, it wasn't due to the fact that he didn't know his car and you can tell by his 60ft time. He got a great launch but I pulled him on the big end. If you would like to see the video of the run I can give you the link, again, just let me know.

    When it all comes to drag racing the first rule is: there is always somebody faster. Friday night it was me but next time it could be a modded Stang. Heck, there was a Cobra smoking most everybody Friday night! You never know and that's what's suppose to make drag racing fun! It's all in good safe fun.

  2. Now I will keep this simple.

    I deleted the last thread because it became a pissing contest. I don't care who it is, but the first person to cop an attitude about this is gone.

    Simple enough?

    Keep it clean and civil folks. We are all car people here and should always invite competition. It keeps the hobby strong.
  3. Very well said........I apologize myself to the stang owners if anything I said in the earlier thread was taken as derogatory to the mustang. It was not intended.
  4. A much more professional way to post this topic. :nice:
  5. Agreed! :nice:

  6. That's what I'm talking about! In the end we are all american muscle whether it be 4.6, 5.4, 5.7 ect . . . At least it's not 1.6, 1.8, 2.4 with a fart can out the rear :rlaugh: !

  7. I would appreciate it if you could provide a link and some specifics on the race! :D
  8. Hey Doc,

    Did the White GT have a MTX or an ATX?

    Nice run BTW :nice:
  9. Can't wait to see more 05 GT track times as they are broken in.

    Unfortunately this was probably a GT on the track right off the sales floor.

    Heres the video of the race:
  10. http://www.micro-op.com.au/execls1/gtostang.wmv

    That is the video of the race that I came across on another forum. The mustang only pulled a best of 14. They look like they launch pretty damn good, you can even hear 2nd mustang mustang spinning the tires going from 1st to 2nd.
  11. I took the 04 GTO for an extended test drive (50 miles) a few weeks back. My simple review is:
    Engine: Good. (My first time driving a 350HP car) Damn WOT beep scared the crap outa me at first.
    Handling: Very Good, the suspension is supposed to be from a Saab so...what would you expect, 100MPH feels like 30MPH.
    Looks: They really screwed up this one. It doesn't look bad...it just doesn't look anything like a GTO. It kinda reminds me of a cross between a Sunfire and some kind of Saturn with RWD.

    Anyone know if GM is working on restyling the GTO's exterior?
  12. Your Grendel user name got banned?

  13. Unfortunately yes, but the mod explained why....
  14. Yeah, they have added some hood scoops, changed the chin and moved the fog lights.


    Oh yeah, the changed the engine to 6.0L with 400HP.
  15. I was there last night and saw the '05 Stangs run. Personally, I thought it was awesome that these guys were racing with the temporary tags still on. I did the same in my Goat. And when I raced at this same track last Spring, I was running about the same - roughly 14.0 @ 100. So stock vs. stock, the 04 Goats and 05 GTs ought to be good competition.

    But we all know we're gonna mod, so that's gonna make it even more fun. :D That driver of the white GT is good (1.99 60').

    Just a props to the 05 GT drivers last night. I beat one GT (he missed a shift or two) and then got walked by a modded Cobra. Tons of fun.

  16. Good Video.

    Mustang didn't do to bad for having 50hp less.
  17. Does anyone know of any of these Stang videos in .mpeg format? Or at least a .wmv I can first download and then play.

    I see these vids - click on them and wait wait wait and nothing ever really happens.

    It is not so much my Mac - it is more my being stuck on dial up.

    I can play wmv files just fine IF I can get them downloaded first.

    Since QuckTime works fantastic on my puter I would love to see some of these in .mpeg format.

    I am missing all these Stang vids :(

    (no I am not going to get a Windows puter lol)

  18. Right click the link and the "save as"

  19. Lots of potential in that 6.0 (365ci?) if GM designs it right. I wonder if Ford will replace the 4.6 with the 5.0 DOHC and the 5.4 with the 6.0 "Hemi killer"?
  20. Pretty good race for just a 3 day old mustang gt! can't wait till he breaks it in! by the way i just came back about an hour ago and saw the new mustang & wow in person i said, can't wait to get one mid next year!!!