04 GTO vs. 05 GT (From the GTO owner)

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  1. I talked to the owner after the race and it was a clean run for him. As a matter of fact, it was the fastes run all night of the two 05 GTs.

  2. Base curb weight on the gt
    MTX 3450
    ATX 3500
    According to Ford's Product Information Book

  3. Well at 3855 pounds, stock all season BFGs and no drag skills what do you expect? I need all the bhp I can get! Now, I can drive the $hit out of a SCCA road course being that I am a licensed SCCA race intructor. Also, this was my second time to the dragstrip (first with a manual) so better times are to be had. My fastest time Friday night was almost in the high 13.4s at close to 106mph. The guy in the 05 GT is a highly skilled dragger seing that he has a high 11 second Cobra too!

  4. you got a nice launch on that run, i guess due to the new suspension setup and your abilities behind the wheel. congrats to you for getting your new baby out at the tracks.
    if it possible,try to get a dyno of her, that way you would know where your peaks are, making it easier for you to select the best shift points out of her.
    give her some time to break in, i'm sure it would be different next time
    have fun :cheers:

  5. Bryan,
    Good to hear from you and I'm glad you chimed in and cleared up any speculation! I had fun Friday night and enjoyed the run. I didn't think it was going to cause soo much conversation but, hey, that's why we have forums!!! Maybe we can hook up again at Silver Dollar . . .

    Doc GTO
  6. bryan, i forgot to ask you:
    you said your car was 3770 lbs with you inside, according to the magazines the 05 manual gt weights 3450lbs and i'd like to see how accurate are this rags about this, could you tell us your weight :)

    also, you mentioned you got the speed limiter kicking in in 2nd gear, how high on the rpm were you shifting???, did you finish in 3rd or 4th gear ????
  7. I don't expect anything. I'm sure your a great driver. Just figured its closer than you would like cause its closer than I would like from the same seat.
  8. ok, i saw on the other thread you were shifting at 6000rpm and you got into the traps in 3rd gear,
    the only thing left would be your weight..
  9. bryanzstang

    Did you try runs with traction control on & off? Ford claims that the new system is more sophisticated. Your thoughts?
  10. doc

    GTV is one of my favorite cars. What class & region do you race in.

    I have raced pretty much everything from FV-GT1. NER member.
  11. One of my favorites too! My car is classed in IT and I'm in the Bucc region. I'm located in Savannah, GA.

  12. Of course I would have liked to put 10 cars on him but I haven't installed the rocket boosters yet :D. I'm a great driver on a road course but still a cherry on the drag strip! Practice makes perfect!!! Practice is also fun . . .

  13. Doc,
    Next time you head to Silver Dollar..Let me know. I'll bring my toy.. LOL
    I wondered how long it was going to take you to admit it was modded..
    See you this week
  14. The guy in the white GT knew I had a few mods. Bring your toy bring and I'll run you as long as you give me a 7 second head start :spot: !!! See you in the office!

  15. hey 2005 GT owners, next time you race ,try taking out that hideous emissions restriction in the hose just exiting the airbox towards the TB.Its some kind of honeycomb looking device that I was told is to reduce emissions somehow.You know its gotta kill top end HP.
  16. What kind of emissions restriction? How does it reduce hp?

  17. my wieght is 240, the traction control is a little bit better, but still bogs it. i took the air filter out and the mph and et dropped a little. i am going to try it again this friday night, this time with some cooldown and not so much gas in it. i was going to try to take advantage of the cool weather to get my 93 lx into the 10s on motor and drag radials, but i think all my friends would shoot me if i didnt show up with the 05. hope to see yall out there.
  18. Good luck Bryan!

    All us dudes waiting for our '05's to arrive are living through you now :D
  19. that's only 80lbs heavier than what the rags said it would weight for a 5 speed one...
    were you powershifting at all????, i know the car could probably have that brand new car smell, but it could make a diifference,and like you said, let her cooldown and she would reward you..
    good luck man.