05 gt vs mach1?

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  1. Tell me about it. I had some great times over on the Mach1 sites. However when I posted that I traded the Mach for the new '06, one person asked how it ran compared to the Mach. I stated that between the two cars that I've owned (an auto Mach and the manual '06) they were very equal........this simple statement led to a like a 4 page thread about how much faster the Mach's were, how much I didn't know, and how arrogant the '05/'06 owners are. All this for saying that between MY OWN 2 CARS, they were equal. It really was a case of "our cars are special edition, lighter, more powerful, etc. and your new car has ETC, VCT, and is way too heavy so the Machs MUST be faster stock for stock"......... well, that's not necessarily true now is it???

    Anyway like I've said previously, the two cars are pretty evenly matched stock for stock; atleast my auto compared to my manual were.

  2. I thought i would post my opinion on this. I own a 2003 mach1 and my best friend owns a 05 gt. The GT is a great car and is very fast but him and i both agree that my mach is faster. I took my mach to the track when the car was only two days old and was very suprized at what she ran. My first pas was a [email protected] and my second pass was a [email protected] 2.21 60ft. I wasnt even used to the car yet. I went back to the track a month later and with just some weld in magnaflow mufflers ran a 13.2. I have since added 4.10 gears and run 13 flats all day long on street tires. With drag radials high 12s and that is with my new non drag friendly roadrace suspension. One of my friends kept his mach stock for almost a year and with some practice ran a [email protected] He has since added 4:30 gears, slicks and he now runs mid 12s. I Bracket race almost weekly at my local tracks and i have yet to see a stock 05Gt run faster than a 13.8. Im not saying it cant be done but out of the 10+ 05 GT's ive seen run ive only seen 2 break into the 13s. The 05 GT's are great cars and with bolt ons they can very fast, but stock for stock the mach is a few tenths faster with equal drivers.

    Here are some links with stock machs running 13.1's bone stock in mag tests.


  3. My 05 GT manual with C&L/Predator, Offroad X, and Magnaflow mufflers ran [email protected] with a 1.956 60'. That's on the stock Pirelli tires, stock 3.55 gear, factory tire pressure, and full weight. The car had a full tank of gas and luggage in the trunk. The next run I ran [email protected] Fact of the matter is that my 05 GT is faster than many of the Mach I's in my local Mustang Club, even modded at the same track. Stock for Stock it's a drivers race.
  4. All good comments and your exeperiences lead you to believe that the GTs cant stick with the Machs and are simply a bit slower. If you look around a bit more there are plenty of 05 GT owners that ran 13.4 @ 101 right off the bat.


    Please share a timeslip that was driven with an 03-04 Mach 1 right off the showroom floor. Im sure there is one out there that ran a 13.2 or so.

  5. there is just one way to settle this. Have a track meet when the tracks open again. This will be the simplest way to prove a point does any one disagre or is talk all you guys and gals can do????
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  6. only if it were that easy.... how many stock Mach 1s and GTs are there still around that go drag racing?


  7. stock motors alot, not everyone one run juice or forced induction
  8. Stock=dealer's lot condition with no modifications what-so-ever.

    You are using the word "stock" as a label for an Naturally Aspirated motor, dont do that.

    No new tires, wheels, exhaust or intake mods of any kind. People just dont drag race stock vehicles, they change something out and thus it is no longer stock.

    Im sure there are some stock cars out there but do they drag race? Probably not on the track.

  9. arn't we sounding a little hostile. I believe I used the words "stock motors" which means: now listen good ok now. No forced induction that means Turbos and superchargers. Also no internal up grades. O and I forgot no Nitros injectors. just pure breathing air fead engines there is still quite a bit of those around still racing at least when I go. and you can usually tell the cars that have superchargers and turbos you can hear a different sound so its not hard to tell them apart.

    orginal post just for your info

    "stock motors alot, not everyone one runs juice or forced induction"
  10. You are still using the incorrect term.....

    An engine with a short ram intake, intake runner plate deletes, long tube headers and free flowing exhaust, throttle body spacer, underdrive pullies, electric water pump by your definition is a "STOCK" motor? :shakeshead:

    This is an engine that doesnt use a "POWER ADDER" but is still far from stock. This would be considered a mildly moded N/A motor.

    I also think you are reading me a bit off, you are new around here and are "sounding" like someone new to the hobby. Im trying my best to "educate" you on correct terminology so you dont make yourself look anymore "naive" or "ignorant".

    Again, a stock motor is completely unaltered in every way right down to the airbox. If you start refering to the vehicle, all suspension and drivetrain components must also remain unaltered from the day it was manufactured at the factory. The tires also must be the pirelli tires in the case of the 05+.

    I guess if I didnt use my nitrous setup at Sacramento Raceway and you looked under my hood and over and under the rest of my car you would define it as "stock".

    If you want to continue to tell me that Im wrong I'll just start reducing your age by 1 year with every post you make.

    Right now you are 19.

  11. I don't ever rember saying your wrong flat out I'am saying what I've seen and your say what you have seen which is different. so I said let have a track meet you said that is isn't easy. There is still alot of Mach1's that still have the same engine componets that they came with new. Next time the Mach's have a track meet you should go to see for your self. I did so I know. Also this hole age think sounds like your 19 and still in high school and your daddy bought your car is that true. I really hope that this is not the case here.
  12. Well, since your car is "stock" and you know so many "stock" Mach 1 guys you should race your car against one of them instead of asking others to do it.

    You should also test your driving skills by driving the other car and letting the other driver pilot yours and then report back.

    You are now showing an age of 18 and I believe I've posted enough on these boards once again.


  13. I'll throw some more fuel into the fire.

    I purchased my car April 14th. on April 19th I went to our local dragstrip and ran a [email protected] the car only had 180 miles on it bone stock. This is allso the first rear wheel drive car I've ever owned.The next day I installed my Diablosport Predator, C&L intake and Steeda swaybars.

    I believe that stock for stock the Mach 1 may have a slight advantage of maybe 1/10th.

    The difference being that the 05 seems to get a bigger benefit from the tuning of a predator or SCT XCal-II.

    I then ran the car all summer with a Diablosport Predator and C&L intake untill recently. The only other modifications during this time frame were tons of Steeda road race suspension components which don't really help in the drag department.

    I have put over 550 1/4 mile runs on the car this season and have run it at different racetracks from Montreal to New Hampshire.

    On street tires the car has been consistent within 1/10th of a second from April to October.

    This is a cut and paste from my post last week. Keep in mind I'm still running stock gears, mufflers, and no charge motion deletes.

    On Sunday October 2nd I went to the track to gather data.

    I ran 6 runs of each configuration with 3 different configurations and these were my results:

    100% factory intake and software on factory tires:2.041 60ft. 8.784 1/8th [email protected]

    C&L Intake with 93 Octane Tune on factory tires:1.949 60ft. 8.508 1/8th [email protected]

    C&L Intake with 93 Octane tune on BFG Drag Radials: 1.842 60ft. 8.332 1/8th [email protected] on the brakes during ET Bracket eliminatons.


    I continued to improve with my drag radials and further improved my times to 1.869 60ft. 8.291 1/8th [email protected]

    2 weeks ago I installed a set of Steeda Underdrive pullies and ran a 1.917 60ft. 8.240 1/8th [email protected] with a 7mph tailwind.

    This week I installed my JBA Longtube headers and catted H-Pipe. Yesterday I went to the track and ran a 1.775 60ft. 8.113 1/8th [email protected] 109.170 with a 3mph crosswind with clutch tat began to slip.

    If you think mine is quick I know someone who is running [email protected] with a Steeda CAI,Steeda Underdrive Pulleys, Mac ProChamber, Magnapacks,SCT X-Cal II,4:10 Gears and M/T ET Streets at full weight plus a 13pc. 3D Carbon Body Kit.
  14. It looked like the Steeda underdrive pullies made a difference in you ET and trap, if I am reading into your post correctly. Also, it seems like the track might have been really fast that day that your acquintance ran a 112 trap. That's really fast. I ran a 109 trap and everyone was claiming BS.
  15. i am a former mach owner, 04/5spd, i sold it outright and bought an 06gt/5spd, ive had it for about 10 days now and love it, my impressions are the cars are pretty equal, the mach did feel like it pulled a little harder, but thats because of the two very different designs, the mach and the gt both have a different feel....i beleive if you used a tuner on the 06 to turn off the throttleblades closing while powershifting crap, they would be about dead equal, a drivers race...
  16. Yes the U/D pylleys did help but so did the 7nph tailwind.
  17. I've had an '04 MACH 1 - unmodified. I now have an '05 GT - unmodified. The are just about the same. The biggest differences I've noticed is how the '05 handles the power/torque in the straight and in the curves. Much smoother. A review that came out back when the '05 platform went on sale said that the '04 Mustangs - all of them - feel like an antique compared to the '05. That sums it up.

    Still, I miss my MACH 1.
  18. Hey thump rrr........ great info! Nice work on putting mods together that perform well at the track!!

  19. I missed the Shaker hood scoop, and still do sometimes. However, you can buy the CDC kit........