13 gallons of paint thinner in my gas tank.. peoples reactons?? LOL

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  1. So did you add timing? Also, there is a relation, that guy was off his rocker and so are you...thats what i was getting at.
  2. Wow this is just hilarious..
  3. *runs outside to bump timing to 30 degrees for moar powa*
  4. 90lxcoupe, didn't you know that running 117 octane race fuel in a tired 175 horsepower 5.0 is good for a neck snapping 500 lb-ft of torque and nearly 600 horsepower? The seat of the pants dyno never lies!

    To the OP: The icing on the cake would be if you made a youtube video dumping paint thinner into your gas tank, and then do a one tire fire burnout and speed off with your muffler sparking against the pavement. I'd pay to see that.
  5. Hey I wasn't tryin to make you look bad. See, it was the way you worded it. You DIDN'T say $6.36 when divided from the cost of a $350 55 gallon drum. If you would have said that at first, I wouldn't have questioned the chemical used vs price per gallon. thats why I "thought" you used actual paint thinner, and thought you got regular paint thinner confused with actual toluene. My bad, sorry if you thought I was making you look like an ass. Don't get all hyped up.

    And theres nothing wrong with tossing in some high octane fuell. For the average person, it wouldn't make any difference. Yes, you do get a little more power out of it when you bump the timing up. I'm not sure how much, and I'm also not sure if the cost factor per gallon would make it worth it.

    I think you guys shoud cut him some slack here. You have ridiculed him from his writing skills to the topic at hand. Not giving a very good impression of what SN should be. Just giving a reason for someone to leave here and go somepace else. This isn't some ricer, just another fellow stang owner. And, nothing wrong with experimenting with different fuels. I have done it numerous times. I am guilty of trying to run my car off at least a dozen different chemicals. All for either better gas mileage, a little more power, or less exhaust fumes. But hell, now that I seen this, I'd be damned if I wanted to share the true results of all of those little experiments in here.

    No need to lock thread. I have apologized if he took offence to anything I said. Dont know about the rest of you.
  6. :lol::lol::lol:

  7. very well said, as for me I could care less about punctuation and all that other stuff i learned in school, why? this is a mustang forum not english 101. i"d be the first to tell you my spelling and punctuation is horrible but as long as you know what im talking about i could care less. (is it ok if i end that with a period?)
  8. i regularly put 3-4 gallons of e85 in my 98, and it runs smoother, but its only 2.25 a gallon and 105 octane.. hell cam2 is 110oc and is only 5 bux a gallon here..

    plus your supposed to mix xylene with a little ATF to keep it lubeored
  9. That might be damaging your fuel system and possibly creating a lean condition, fyi.
  10. I think in order to affectively run e85 you will need to change all your gaskets and o-rings on the fuel system if i'm not mistaken? I'm planning to go with an ON 3 performance turbo on my stock setup and i want to switch to e85
  11. I have read about guys doing it without changing anything and have been runnin it for a long time. I dont think its any more corrosive then race fuel is. The problem with e85 is that unless you buy it from VP you dont really know what your getting, but i guess you could say the same about pump gas. I dont have any expierience with e85 just read alot about it.
  12. I know for one thing right off the bat you need to run higher fuel pressure. If you get that from an adjustable regulator or bigger injectors i don't think it matters - but i think on a bone stock car you'll damage it.

    I read up on 04sleeper's terminator when he swapped to e85. There was alot to change on the fuel side so he could safely run it with every tank.
  13. IBTI (In before the idiot)

    Oh wait.
  14. Some of us have known the original poster for years and are just busting his balls, FYI.
  15. +1 :D