17 inch Bullit wheels on 67 Fastback ??'s

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  1. I am wanting to put a set of 17x8 30mm offset on the front and 17x9 24mm offset Bullit wheels on my 1967 fastback.

    My first question is will the 17x9 24mm wheel fit on the rear or is it too wide?

    If it will fit what size spacer should I use for the 17x9 wheel?

    And last, if the 17x9 bullit wheel is not too wide what size tire would you guys reccomend for that size wheel? I was considering the Nitto 555's in either a 285/40-17 or if thats too wide the 275/40-17.

    I will be truely thankful if anyone can address these questions!!!
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    dodgestang Wheel chart:nice:
  3. Thanks man, that helps. However I'm still not sure what width wheel spacer I should be using for the rear.
  4. Thats what i have on my 68, stock 17x 8s on the front with 1" billet spacer. 17 x 9 replicas w 275s on the rear.

  5. Yeah I was looking at this kit, but it states that the 7/16" spacer for the rear is for the 17x8 inch wheel and I was wanting to make sure that the 17X9 will still work with that spacer.

    Wow man I really like your car. What spacer are you running on the rear with the 17x9's? Also what size tire are you running on the front and if you have any more pictures of different angles of your car I would love to see them.

    Thanks guys!!!!
  6. No spacers in the rear, and Im running 245s on the front. Front is VERY tight, barely rubs the fender lip in a bind. If i ever get around to it was gonna have 1/16 cut off my spacers.

    There are a few pix on here. Sorry they are crappy camera phone pix.

    coupe5oh's photos and albums on webshots
  7. Thanks again man! My car is all black, and I'm thinking of going with the anthracite bullit wheels on mine.

    Where did you purchase your 1 inch spacers for the front. I know places that sell the complete kit for the front and the back but considering your telling me I will only need spacers on the front then I want need the kit.
  8. stock 17X9 1 inch spacers all around 245/45 nitto 555rs in the back, fronts are smaller-not sure on size

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  9. I'm running 17x10.5 in the rear of my 70 with this setup.





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  10. Grabber70Mach - that setup looks awesome! :nice:

    Can you give details on backspacing and tire size please?
  11. Thanks, here's the specs

    Front: 17"X8", 5.72"BS, +30mm offset, 245/45/17 Sumitomo tires

    Rear: 17"x10.5", 6.8" BS, +28mm offset, 315/35/17 Sumitomo tires

    I'm using brakes off an 03/04 Cobra, these use the kit from Vintage Venom to adapt them to the car. It uses a 1" front and 7/16" rear hubcentric spacers.

    Let me know if you want any other info.
  12. Thanks for the info! Its kind of funny, I've already purchased 03/04 Cobra brakes, was looking at the Vintage Venom kit just the other day, and looking to purchase some wheels just like yours. I've got a 69' though. :D Nice to know that this setup worked for you. Thanks again!
  13. Thanks for the pictures and the info!!! Your car looks badass man. Why do your lugs stick out so far on the rear? Your set-up is also what I want to do on my 67 fastback but I don't think I could pull off the 10.5's in the rear like on your Mach. I would however like to do an 8inch. in the front with a 245 tire and a 9 inch in the rear with a 285 tire.

    Heres a pic of my current setup.


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  14. You have a PM.

    Thanks. The studs in the rear are what comes with the kit. You can cut them shorter if you would like to, I just liked the look of them sticking out. Kinda gives it a Trans-Am look. That setup would look good on your car, good luck with it. :nice:
    Always really like black cars.

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  15. I think i got the spacers from american muscle when i bought the rear wheels. My fronts are factory ford because at the time i couldnt get a stock offset 8 inch replica that was polished.

    The rears are also very tight, i had to do a tiny bit of persuading with a hammer on the front inside where the wheelwell flange is spot welded together. A 10.5 inch wheel would require some lip rolling at the very least.
  16. So you are running a 17x9 on the rear with no spacer? Do you remember the backspacing on that wheel?

  17. They are 17x9s with +24mm offset. When i bought them everyone said I'd need a spacer in the rear, but they fit just fine w/o it. you might just have to try them and see, as these cars were far from perfect when built. My passenger wheelwell is actually about a 1/2 wider than the drivers side, something i never noticed until i took the skinny stock tires off.

    I'd just get your adapters for the front, and try the rears first. You could always get rear spacer later if needed, narrow ones up to 1/2" are common at the parts store. 285s would be a tight squeeze, I think it could be done but youd have to play with spacers to get them just right so they wouldnt hit the wheeltub or the outer lip. Nittos are usually smaller than most brands though, at least in the drag radials i have dealt with.
  18. I was thinking about another possibility this morning, are you lowering the car when you do the wheels? My car has reverse eye springs (1 1/2" lower) which eliminates the interference with the rear bumpstop. If you are leaving it stock height you may have to trim the bumpstop mount, or the spacers may be needed.

    Its been a while, but I'm trying to remember all the details...
  19. Is the backspacing on your wheels 5.94"?

    If so they are the same as the wheels I am getting, so I'll just get the front 1" adapters and see if the back fits before I get anything for the rear.

    I don't plan on lowering the rear anymore, but I would like to lower the front a little bit, but I am going to wait until after I put the wheels on to see how they sit in the fenders.