17" Mb Wheels On A 65 Stang?

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  1. Must be the delux model. Mine only came with the 2x4.
    Would you recommend 17 x 7s up front since you had to trim some? Ones I'm looking at come in 17 x 8 with 4.5" BS or 17 x 7 with about 4" BS (or might have been 4.25, can't remember). They are American Racing Torq Thrust M.
  2. If you go with the 17x 7, you shouldn't have to make any changes to the fenders. I had to cut a small piece about an inch square off the lower edge to prevent rubbing. Nice rims, should look sweet when you get them on.
  3. Hey, do you know what trophy points are that are displayed under your member name? I'm new here and am wondering what they are and how you accumulate them. Thanks
  4. Click on the point below your name and then click view available points. it tells you how to get them. but I tried the ones for changing the theme and i didnt get the points for it.
  5. anyone knows how to upload a picture from a mac? i can get one posted to my avatar but not on here help please..
  6. test
    EDIT: Scrasauge, underneath the window you type text in to post a reply, there is a button labeled Upload a File. Click it and you can go search your harddrive for a file. I grabbed this one out of my Home/Pictures folder. And this was done on a mac.
    Car on the left is mine. Car on the right is a random dude that parked next to me while I was in burger king. Came out and this is what I saw.

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  7. this thing keeps telling me my file is to large. how do i make it smaller?
  8. check and see if you have imaging softwear bring up the image you want and click edit -resize image to web page ,i have photo imaging on my system ,not sure what you will have
  9. Mine did the same even though I took that picture with my phone. The file is large. I opened it in Preview, cropped it to get some of the excess out and saved the new image on my desktop as a jpeg (don't just click save or it will overight the original). I set the quality bar in the save dialog box to about half just to make sure the file size stayed lower. That was enough for me. Resaving the picture in jpeg will lower the file size a little even if you don't change the picture any. Or if you have something like photoshop, you can set the image size to something smaller. I'm not sure what the maximum file size is on this forum. Of course, you could alway upload it to a free image host online and just link to it from here.

    PS. the crop function works odd in Preview. You have to draw the box you want to crop first, then crop it. Forget what drop menu its under (one of the middle ones) but the shortcut is Cmd+K
  10. I just use photobucket.....upload the image and then copy and paste [i m g] code into your conversation.
  11. finally i got a picture up of the car, I had to do it from my work computer