18's really to big on a 65-66? pics inside!

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  1. He has the same problem I do with my puny 17s.

    He needs bigger rotors front and back :D
  2. :nice:

    I bet all these positive remarks took you by surprise!
  3. Some more chrome... 18x9's on all 4 corners.



    I might be able to photochop my chrome wheels on your car ..err..the customer's car
  4. OK, I can't believe I'm saying this but I don't think they look to bad, actually good.
    First thing my eyes were drawn to though were the wheels rather than the over all look.

    Call me old school, say seen them done that, but IMHO you still can't beat two classics together complimenting one another, the classic Mustang and the classic Cragar SS (current e-bay stang pic attached)

    I'd never run anything over a 15" wheel myself but I can still appreciate the look that you resto-moders are pulling off and the looks your going after. Some of you have done some really outstanding work on your rides and they look fantastic w/ 16,17, and now 18"s.
    If we all liked the same styles it would get real boring fast, kinda fun to see who's gonna try what next.

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  5. I got a little carried away, but here ya go.


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  6. They look much better than I had pictured when I read 18s on a 65, but I think 17s are about the limit. The 18s look good, but just a little too much wheel.
  7. I vote for 16s myself...but I never did see the point of anything bigger on any sporty/sports car, but to answer your question...yes, I think they are too big for a 64-66,they look ok but they might look better on one of the larger later mustangs
  8. Surprised at all the positive comments

    I think they look outa plae and that's saying it nicely. You can take a nice wheel and put it on a nice car. But it does not mean they go together.
  9. I don't know the make but I do know they are aftermarket wheels. the fronts are 18x7's with 4.5 backspacing and the rear 18x8 with 4.75 backspacing

    don't flame me .... I almost want to see what it would look like with 19's on the back...

    18's on a 67 and up isn't that big of an issue for depate since the wheel wells are larger. I for one like the look of larger wheels.

    here is a set of 18's racelines on a 67 fastback
    18x7 and 18x9.5

    we did a cobra disc brake swap on this mustang if anyone is interested in looking. its on my website www.cprstreetmachines.com - click on forums, then on projects.

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  10. The wheels on the 66 GT in the first post appear to be Coys C-5.

  11. This one just needs to sit better. It is to high for my taste but it doesn't look like you could lower it much more from the looks of these pics. They don't look like they tuck enough. But it could just be the picture making it look that way. 17s and 18s look good on the classics. Sorry but the guys that just like the old 14s and 15s only need to get out of the dark ages...:lol:

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  12. CORRECT.

    i dont think a 19" would look right.My g/f just took her 19" Konigs off her Scion before she sold it, so i mights see if they fit mine:rolleyes:

    But 20" wheel will have more tire choices as well as be able to get a fatter sidewall
  13. I plan on putting 18s on my 68 FB

    I think that car looks good with 18s.
  14. Big wheels

    I have 17" all around. 13" discs in the front and 12" in the back. 66 Fastback.

    The large diameter rotors fill up the wheel nicely.

    I would post some photos but don't know how.

    I can send them to some one who can.
  15. 18" 1965

    This silver 1965 Fastback was the inspiration for my 1966 Fastback. THIS IS NOT MY 1965 FASTBACK--I WISH, but I like the 18's.

    This car has American Racing 18x11 rear, and 18x7 front custom built with an 8 inch rear lip. The tires are 335/30/18 rear and 225/35/18 front Michelin Pilot Sports. The car has been lowered 3 inches and has a KB bump steer kit, KYB shocks, 1 3/4 front and rear sway bars, 1 inch front strut brace, reverse eye rear leafs, front lowering springs and dropped spindles. The car has been slightly mini tubbed. The rear seat was narrowed about 4 inches to make room for the 335/30/18 rear tires. THIS IS ALL THAT I KNOW, sorry.

    Side view:






    The rear wheels are not 20's, but they look huge.

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  16. thats is plain sick:hail2:

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  17. that '65 silver FASTBACK looks cool. i think it looks nicer than the Year One '66 Hoss Boss, but the Hoss Boss has a Cammer. can that '65 compete? the scenery looks like downtown Miami and the antique license plate is light blue which i see down here. though, i bet the guy hardly drives it around much.
  18. They are definitely Coys, I have a set of chrome 17" C-5's on my 65
  19. I hate to be odd man out (not really), but all these pictures convince me that 17 is as large as I am willing to go, because I like meat on my sidewalls.

    Also I find that tires that come flush with the outer edge of the body contribute to making the car look awkward. I expect some amount of "tire tuck" to help give the car a more balanced look.

    I can appreciate the looks of many of the cars I saw in the thread, but again, I feel that they are going a tad too far with the Hot Wheels look... Just my 2 cents...
  20. Boy I must be real old school but I think 15" with raised whites only way to go. Maybe 16s w/o. 17 and + look out of place to me and don't belong on classics or older muscle. Be interesting to see what the age of the folks are that like this. I'm willing to guess they are a lot younger than my 48 years.