1967 shelby gt500 VS 1999 skyline gt-r r34 v-spec

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  1. If that were anymore true, you'd be lying.
  2. :lol: Awesome.
  3. After looking in your garage, I see why you whole heartedly agree. :D
    Sixes are peppy not fast.

  4. He's a troll, obviously too lazy to go to google and type "1967 Shelby GT500 1/4 mile times". Bet you get dozens of hits. Oh, and do a little research on how many 1967 Shelby GT500s came with 427s. 0. Now, if we are allowed to put a 427 in a '67 GT500, does it have to be a stock, as built over the counter, typical 427 or do we get to use modern technology also? My friend has a FE motor that displaces 489 cubes and makes over 800hp at the flywheel naturally aspirated and runs 8.40s in the 1/4 in his 2350# 1964 Ford Falcon. If we get to use that motor and a modern clutch with modern tires and not the bias ply tires that those magazines tested those cars on in the 60's, I think we can top that '99 Skyline GT-R r134a BR549 whatchamacallit okay.

    Your not even comparing apples to oranges, your comparing apples to sofas!! Lets do this backwards. Lets put some bias ply tires on that Skyline and a clutch disc made from the old organic materials, run the car on pump gas with real dino oil (all lubricants need to be dino) and see if it runs better than the 13.2 or 13.6 in the 1/4.

    If you want to get jiggy, lets run that skyline against something a little more comparable weightwise, how 'bout a '66 427 Cobra in stock form?


  5. Name the time and place kid. You may have a 133 IQ, but your still ignorant. First rule in racing; there is ALWAYS someone faster then you. The seconded? The most important mod is the driver, and if that mod sucks, then everything else is pointless. Spend all of daddys money on mods for your car, and I'll still beat it with my free mod. :nice:

  6. I think my responce is pretty self explanatory.

    What year cobra are we talking about? For $15 you can get a 99 cobra, and if you heard those run 13.8's, then was that from the same person as above???????? :rolleyes: Bone stock GT's can do 13.8's if you have a damn good driver, and the cobra has a good 55hp over the GT.

  7. :rlaugh: :lol: Was that the moddle that replaced the GT-R R12????? :D :rlaugh:
  8. nothing against you 6stang7 but if your going to talk bad about me, try spelling correctly, it's spelled model, haha. and yeah there is always somebody faster than me, that's why i gotta just keep getting faster!
  9. u = teh genius.
  10. Well theres a doozy. Damn, i wonder what would make you think that. Read a book and come back when you are ready to have an intelligent conversation with people who know about cars. :doh:
  11. I'm done with this sorta childish stuff.
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