1991 Mustang Gt 331 Stroker

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  1. Hey Guys fairly new to the site.
    I have a 1991 mustang gt 331 stroker, gt40 heads,Headers, with a vortex supercharger,the intake upper and lower are stock injectors are stock throttle body stock. and it has 2.81 or some highway gears. been searching the internet this is my last resort, Can I take anything off on my 2000 ford explorer intake injectors do they have 4.10 gears I can use. thanks for the help
  2. 331 with a Vortech Super Charger with stock injectors?? ...lotta holes in this one guy :spit:
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  3. what do you mean a lot of holes I bought the car this way, is there anything I can use from it, new to the car world.
  4. He means there's alot of stuff that should have been done previously before the S/C. Intake, throttle body, injectors, gears.
  5. what he means is your setup is totally mismatched. Are you sure it is a 331? The heads, intake, TB, injectors are all wrong. You basically have a keg of beer and are trying to drink it with a straw. I would at least have 30lb injectors, a matching Pro M MAF, 70MM TB, and either a 96 or older Explorer, or Cobra, or TFS intake. How much boost are you seeing?

    If stock, you either have 2.73 or 3.08 gears. Check either the tag on the rear or your VIN.

    For the explorer, you can grab the 65MM TB. That's about it unless you deleted your EGR, as the 97 and newer are have no provisions for the external EGR.

    Hard to believe someone built a 331 and put the crap stock top end back on it. Do you have a build sheet or know who built that motor?
  6. Go look at what color your injectors are, that will help. You gotta chip tune or other fuel management system?
  7. I don't know who built it was just going by what the guy was telling me I know never believe people but sounds good and runs its balls off. just seeing what I could use or any add ons for some extra boost, it is seeing like 5psi when I put it to the ground
  8. they are black, and I have a fuel pressure gauge
  9. Not to rain on your parade, but no one builds a stroker 331 and puts the stock top end back on. 5psi is a base level kit- I assume a 6 rib belt. Your stock injectors max out at 300 flyweel hp. The stock intake, TB, MAF , fuel pump, are all not sufficient or choke points. I'd have a talk with the guy you bought it from and get some specifics.
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  10. Belive the black ones are 24lb's and they use a connector, i think if memory serves me right. I'm on my phone but you can google the color chart. And you need to go through and document what your parts are so you can truly find out what you have.
  11. cant talk with him I guess iam just screwed lol
  12. black?. Stock are yellow 19lb

    1 Ford_Injector_Guide.jpg
    I'm thinking you may be mistaken about your setup.
  13. how do I find out if it is even a stroker
  14. Btw what cam was told to you??
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  15. and he said it had a e303 cam
  16. All Hail the Mighty Street Ecam!!! :rlaugh:
    A page from @mikestang63
    I'm partial to my Ecam w/ 320rwtrq ...muhahaha!!
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  17. the black cobra 24lbrs hmmmm
  18. Wait, whats wrong with an e cam?
  19. I love my Ecam :D
  20. sorry x303 cam, he said it was a cobra r intake but when I did my research it doesn't look like a cobra and looks like a standard intake, payton fuel pressure reg. bbk mass air flow, I found the paper he wrote