1991 Mustang Gt 331 Stroker

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  2. So i now feel you need to take lots of pics of your engine bay and post them, all these guys here will help you out. Just take some good pics :nice:
  3. Ok. We've gone from you saying the entire top end was stock, to now it has a Cobra intake, larger injectors? As mentioned, take several pictures of the following

    throttle body
    mass air meter
    supercharger- you will see a vortech metal serial plate on it
    is the belt setup 6 or 8 rib
    look for a FMU- mounted on the passenger side inner fender. It looks like a large disc with vacuum hoses coming off of it.

    For the displacement, find someone who knows how to use a P&G or Speedway cubic inch checker. You screw it into a spark plug hole and will accurately tell you the displacement of that cylinder within 1% by the amount of air displaced.


  4. the intake looks the same as a regular stock one, but he said it is a cobra r . I will take pics and I thank you guys for the help you have been great
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  6. vortech with a powerdyne pipe hmmmm
  7. ok so you have a powerdyne not a vortech, and you have a FMU- fuel management unit. where are the pics of the intake, injectors, throttle body, mass air meter.

    I'm trying to help but you need to post those pics.
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  10. That was a :poo: show trying to get those pics lol
  11. More pic

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  12. you happen to pull your codes lately? thats a hacked up egr delete...

  13. No I haven't my check engine light isn't on does that matter if it is on
  14. Was thinking of getting a new throttle body just don't know what size
  15. and those are 30# injectors i believe. Also slooks like the maf has a 30# calibration per the part number on it
  16. What should I run my fuel pressure at
  17. ok......

    The intake is from a Ford Explorer and is similar to a Cobra or GT40. Your throttle body looks stock, and some type of ghetto rigged EGR. Your injectors look like lucas aftermarkets- maybe 24lbers? You also have an aftermarket Mass Air Meter. which I assume is matched to the injectors- cant tell as the writing is off. You have an aftermarket fuel pressure regulator and fuel pressure gauge... You can verify what size injectors you have by opening up the FMU carefully and seeing what size the disc is.

    19#/Hr.- 12:1- 2.7215"

    24#/Hr.- 8:1 -2.2220"

    30#/Hr.- 6:1 -1.8525"

    38-42#/Hr.- 4:1- 1.5910"

    Here is a complete injector chart for Ford made injectors

    Ford Bosch Stock Injector Colors & Sizes
    12's - Gold top
    14's - Blue Top - E3EE-BA ( Low Impedance )
    14's - Gray top -
    16's - Blue - E43E-AC ( Low Impedance )
    17's - Creme/white top ( Low Impedance )
    19's - White - E6EE-AB ( Low Impedance )
    19's - Orange/Yellow top -
    19's - Gold
    19's - Yellow/Black
    21's - Lavender - ( EV6 )
    22's - Pink top ( EV6 )
    23's - Black - E4EX-BA ( Low Impedance )
    24's - Light bluish/gray top -
    25's - Blue/Green -
    25's - Light blue ( EV6 )
    30's - Dark Red top -
    30's - Green - E3ZE-BA ( Low Impedance )
    35's - Brown top ( Low Impedance ) -
    36's - Cobalt blue top ( sometimes silver )
    37's - Green- E3VE-A1A ( Low Impedance )
    39's - Blue ( EV6 ) ( thin style ) -
    42's - Lime Green top -
    46's - Blue - EOSE-A1A ( Low Impedance )
    52's - Gray - E43E-AC ( Low Impedance )
    56's - Blue - E43E-AC ( Low Impedance )
    64's - Green - E53E-AB ( Low Impedance )
    150's - Bright Orange top ( Low Impedance )

    WIthout knowing if you have a chip or a tune, the stock fuel pressure should be 39 with the vacuum line removed and plugged.
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  18. nope, there's many codes that wont trgger the cel. I would run them to be sure whats your car is doing