2001 Cobra vs 2003 Mach 1 Buy which?

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  1. Yeah, that was another thing that killed it for me. IMO, the Mach 1 is a car best left stock looking.

    Maybe a little stance drop and a window tint, but otherwise leave it alone. I think I remember once seeing someone with a set of deep dish Mach 1 wheels (or wheels that looked very similar) and they looked outstanding. Otherwise....just nothing else looks right on that car.
  2. From what i have read on Mach 1 registry the 99 cobra did not produced the 320 that ford was saying...only in 01 that the cobra made 320.Ford had a 340hp motor for the 02 cobra that was never produced and from some an insider saying that the Mach 1 got that motor and ford only rated it at 305 so that the cobra owners and buyers would not freak out. The mach 1 is putting 290 at the wheel on dyno stock so at 15% that 334hp.Mine with just a tune ,full exhaust,CAI,4;10 is putting 317RWHP.
    So for those thinking if the 01 cobra is faster...not a chance!!! Hope this helps
  3. I agree....just bought mine for $16,000 / 13,500 miles / stock / like new....
  4. Yes....alot of the rating are not accurate....they have plenty of power !
  5. Was in the same position not too long ago. Came down simply to price. I don't know if you could go wrong with either. 3.55 rear gear for Mach 1 vs 3.27 (wtf) Cobra. Different cams in the Mach 1 allegedly for aid in midrange punch (Navigator cams I believe they were). Reminds me of the Pre 2001 LSx vs 2001/2 LSx f-bodies. Slight changes that if kept stock would make some bit of difference, but if you mod, differences seem negligible. Go with your gut. Enjoy.

  6. Ten four.....Mach is in the garage & have driven it a few times since delivered 3 weeks ago.....great car.....drives & shifts like new......its amazing to me how much the engineers change & try different things on all cars.....every few years...might be the same model but a couple years may make a difference......