2007, the Mustang will have Competition, Camaro is Alive AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. LMAO just like your stock srt-4 ran 13.7's right? Oh and im sorry i guess i wasn't clear i meant entire package including getting into the engine and replacing the stock turbo's with new more efficient and higher spooling ones which is what it would require to get anywhere NEAR 12's.

  2. I dont need to look up anything...i go to the track when i want to see cars run. I get to see them and drive some of them myself and make my on opinion. I dont need some idiots on the net feeding me lies to form an opinion on a cars built quality nor whether i like how it drives or not. Damn magazine racers.

  3. You're right, you're already FI, we are N/A, once again you're a genius. SRT-4 = upgraded neon. What happened to the magazine ET's? Stop trying to start a fight, its pointless. Then again you dont have any info to begin with :rolleyes:

    Someone spark up the Real men of genius commerical, this man deserves a bud.
  4. No it's stilll a neon. Just because you don't want it to be a neon. Does not make it anything else. It has a better engine and some other optional pieces. But be realistic you could take a stock neon. And with enough money turn it into an srt-4. Dodge is just humoring you by acting like it's not a neon.


    srt-4: [​IMG]

    Are you seeing any family resemblance? Or are you still stuck on the magazine racing? It's kinda like this. If you think adding turbo, body kit, fart can, can big wing to a neon. Makes it not a neon. You might be a ricer.
  5. I dont see a difference :shrug:
  6. It's probably your lack of a big wing and fart can.
  7. Any chance we can get back to discussing some real RWD Michigan iron (2005 Mustang, 2004+ GTO, Hypothetical 2007 Camaro, Hypothetical 2006 Charger, etc) instead of wasting time on the adolescent retard with Fast and Furious fantasies?

    Just a thought... :nonono:
  8. Personally speaking I would love to. But we all know srt boy will be back. With more magazine racing since he can't deal with reality.

    On a side note about real V8 powered cars. The new charger looks horrid.
  9. I wouldn't say it looks horrid. I think the side profile actually looks pretty good. I wouldn't really call it a Sedan, but more like a pseudo 4-door coupe, kinda like the Infiniti G-35 and the upcoming Mercedes-Benz CLS-class. They've managed to put 4 conventional, full-size doors on it and still keep the lines pretty rakish and aggressive. I think they've made it a 4-door to further define Dodge as the maker of "cool family cars." Here in Hershey, PA, where a good chunk of the population is young, middle-class families, we see a lot of Magnums and 300's.

    I do, however, have a couple of quips about the styling, though...

    1) They should have left those headlights on the Viper. The headlights should be 2+2, however, like the classic Chargers...

    2) Like the 300, they should have left those tail-lamps on the Saturn Ion and Hyundai Elantra. When I think of the Charger, I tend to think long, slim, and horizontal.

    Overall, it looks like the Charger will be another "[email protected]$$ family car" for folks who don't need a wagon. With the 5.7L HEMI and 5-AT, it should fit right into Dodge's new lineup.

    I am hoping, however, that Dodge will make a 2-door Challenger for us bachelors. 6-speed Getrag or Tremec manual should be standard issue with the 5.7L HEMI. Perhaps they can make an SRT-8 version in yellow-and-black? Imagine that-- a 2006 Superbee! :D
  10. Nevermind, I made a mistake-- the Charger and Challenger were different classes of car. The Superbee, being a Charger, should probably be an SRT-8 Charger, not Challenger.

    According to the MuscleCar Club, only 6 cars ever really served as DIRECT competition to the Ford Mustang:

    - AMC Javalin/AMX
    - Chevrolet Camaro (duh!)
    - Dodge Challenger
    - Mercury Cougar (which was just a re-skinned Mustang)
    - Plymouth Barracuda
    - Pontiac Firebird

    As long as they don't call a sedan "Challenger" (which was a Pony car, like the Mustang), I don't have a problem with Dodge making a 4-door muscle car.
  11. I see a lot of the magnums and 300's as well. But I don't like the charger. I think it is kind of like the g-35 sedan. Which actually is to me at least. A lot uglier than the coupe.
  12. Sources have said the C&D sketch is not dead-on.
    I am hoping they give the final product more flare.
    No spy pics have been released for it, that I found,
    so no one REALLY knows how the Charger will look.

    Is the Zeta platform different from the GTO chassis?
    A lighter rebodied version of the GTO would be sweet.
    (Although the Camaro was not known for being light.)
  13. The platform used by the Holden Commodore sedan, Holden Monaro coupe, and the Pontiac GTO (a slightly re-skinned Holden Monaro) are built off the Omega platform, which, I believe, is noteably-larger than the Zeta platform. Keep in mind that the original GTO was not a pony car, but an "intermediate" muscle car-- thus, by default, it should be larger and (at least a little) heavier than a Mustang or Camaro.
  14. props to gm dude for this outragously long thread
  15. All I can say is :nice:

    This news is even better than a (still hypothetical) redesign of the GTO.
  16. I hate to, but just for FYI purposes, I got to drive an SRT-4 on a 2.2 km roadcourse in Canada August 25th. We also had some other new cars out there to thrash on that dealers brought out. The new Caddy CTS-V, a paddle-shift BMW M3, a Crossfire, and also a bright orange '04 Mach 1. First off, the SRT-4 was pure dog doo-doo on the road course. Thank goodness for the racing buckets, 'cause the body roll in hard corners was so severe I could have reached out the window and touched the ground with my hand. After the 1st lap, the brakes were into HEAVY fade, and I warned the guy who drove after me "this car sucks, and watch out for the brakes. They go away after a single lap..." He came back, and shouted at me across the paddock "what a piece of crap, and thanks for the warning about the brakes!!!". Power? Yawwwnnnnnnnn. Once the turbo boosted it had good squirt, but no stronger than a bone-stock '99-'04 GT, in fact, it didn't feel that strong. The Mach just made it look silly. Since we were all amateurs, there was no passing allowed, but you were supposed to wave the faster cars by on the back straight. If you were driving the Neon, you just kept your window down because you knew you'd be waving to everything except the 4-door Acura TSX that was out there, which was a better handler, and could keep pace with the SRT-4 even though it was outgunned on the straights. All in all, after a couple of hours had passed in the morning when everybody was driving everything they could out of curiosity, the Neon spent most of the remainder of the day parked, as nobody cared to suffer it's wallowy handling, non-existant brakes, and all-or-nothing hornet's nest engine. I begged my buddy to drive it, just for laughes, and he refused, saying "from what I've heard and what you've told me, no thanks.." The Mach, to it's credit, held its own with the higher-priced stuff out there. While it was lacking in refined feedback at the edge, and "feel", it made up for it in athleticism once you got comfortable driving it at its limits. Everybody seemed to agree that it was the easy winner of the "bang-for-the-buck" prize. You could start way way behind the SRT-4, and gobble it up with the Mach so easily that it was laughable. Then you just sat on its rear bumper and played with it, and maybe took the opportunity to find a good radio station, until you could pass legally on the back straight. So, SRT4fan, I've driven your little toy, on a serious road course (Dunneville AutoDrome, Ontario), and believe me my boy..... It's a crappy Neon with a turbo and good seats. That's it. Now go play with cars your own size, and go to a drag strip if you want to quote 1/4 mile times.
  17. The Charger isn't hypothetical, it goes on sale this April. look for it at the NAIAS

    C&D sketch is just that, a C&D sketch, NOT a Dodge sketch.

    Zeta is GM's all new moduler RWD platform, it replaces the Holden/Opel platform and will be the chassis for the next GTO and Camaro, along with every other new RWD V8 or V6 car that is not a Caddy or Vette.