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  1. Hey guys, since im the lonely Camaro guy among the Mustang family lol, hope its ok to have my own little thread to post to you guys updates on the new Camaro. Although I know most are die hard Mustang guys, its nice to see what the competition is doing and see what else can be learned about the rival.

    I like both cars and get alot of good info on this site and just would like to share some information I recieve and read about.

    So this is not a thread to shove in anybodys face, just a thread about american muscle thats across the field of play as you might say. Thx and if this bothers an admin or its members then please feel free to do away with it. Thx again.
  2. PlanetX.com new camaro stock numbers.


    2010 Camaro SS/RS (2SS) Link to pics
    6-speed manual
    100% showroom stock down to the 37 psi air in the rear tires.
    I mean 100% stock. No weight removed, as-purchased.
    1,200 miles on the car (2 weeks old)
    4,045 lbs raceweight (half tank, and I'm 190 lbs)
    Holding RPM between 3500-4000 and slipping clutch out on launch.
    Powershifting (no lifting throttle between shifts) at red line (6K-6.2K)
    Coolant temps 212-218F
    Density Altitude was +2,301 ft (it was 96F earlier today, 88 for these passes)

    Three consecutive passes (hot lapped):

    13.256 @ 108.43 (2.098 60')
    13.194 @ 109.62 (2.128 60')
    13.070 @ 109.07 (2.057 60')

    Videos will be posted later this weekend!

    If I can just get a 1.9X 60' time, it will go 12s in the heat. Imagine what it would run in negative density altitude! Probably 12.70s...

    I may try to go back to the track on Sunday to get a 12!

  3. Didn't Evan Smith get a 2002 Camaro to a 12.7? Pretty sure he did; I'd say the new Camaro is impressive; but with 425 ponies and a 6 speed it should do better

    If you do a search on this forum you'll see where Evan Smith drove a bone stock 2006 300HP Mustang a 13.3 @ 106. That's over a 100 HP less then the Camaro you're driving and within 2/10's of a second.

    New Camaro is nice; but should be better numbers with that power. (Yes, I know it's heavy; but the new Taurus SHO is 4,400 fat pounds and still cranks off a 13.7)

    Let some air out of those back tires; you'll hit 12's no problem. You're probably an excellent driver so I don't see an issue with 12's.
  4. Those numbers are from the owner of planetlsx.com lol not me, my purchase wont be till next july. Yes, I seen where evan hit a 12.87 time in a 99 SS, and thats moving for a LS1, most hit low 13s. I think the new camaro breaking the 12s without it being a supercar is impressive, and the fact thats is moving that fast with that much wieght is even a bigger accomplishment.

    I think I could see the wieght being more of an issue if the camaro wasnt able to break the 12s, but since it can i dont see the problem. The RT Challenger runs the exact same time as the Mustang 13.60s and weighs nearly 540lbs more.......is that a bad thing for the Challenger...or the Mustang. The Challenger has a 376hp engine (61 hp more)..540lbs of more fat and still matches the 1/4 mile of the mustang.

    Once the 5.0 hits im sure the mustang will run neck and neck with the Camaro SS and Challenger SRT 8, im excited to see the 5.0 again.
  5. new SS has a crazy top end .. dont know why they dont come out of the hole better ..
  6. My Bullitt with 400 to the wheels has no Problems with SRT Challengers.. :) A guy at work just got a black automatic Camaro... I'll wait til he wants to run.. :)

    For what it's worth, I spent just a grain under $30k for a 460HP Mustang... I don't see how a Camaro or Challenger could match that.. Matter of factly, I have a link to a dealership in California that's selling new '08 MGT's for $19,xxx. Gotta make room for the new 2010's. Price has always been a plus for the 'stang. You can get a GT for $23k, slap on a supercharger, keep your warranty, and crank out 450+ ponies; all for under 30k.
  7. You're not the only Camaro guy here, but surely between the two of us, you may be the only one that isn't really hating the Camaro right now. Right now, I don't like any Camaro, but I'm sure it's just because my nose is all bent out of shape because of the issues I'm having with mine.

    ...But I never liked the 2010 mode, and never willl. ;) And now that I see it even weighs over 4000 lbs, I like it even less.

    Evan Smith. That guy seems to get better times than everyone out of a car. Is he a liar, or can the guy just drive his berries off?

    As for LS1 cars, honestly, I have never seen a stock one run faster than a 13.6 @ 105 mph. Where are all of these "miracle LS1s" running 13.20s @ 106+ in bone stock trim? :shrug: Maybe everybody I've seen at the track I've ever seen with a bone stock LS1 just simply can't drive. :shrug:
  8. So what's the dealership? I may have to look into this.
  9. I like Mustangs and Camaros as well as just about any muscle/pony car.

    I will say that as far as the 2010 models go, I dont care for either the Stang or the Bowtie.

    The 2005 retro look was cool, but the new one just doesn't cut it.

    The only new one I like is the Challenger, but I don't really like the new ones anyway.
  10. The link with the red flags and dan gurneys....thats the same prices from around here...but, remember....no warranty.

    I was a camaro fanboy when it was on paper. Then, I saw it in person and almost lost my lunch. I will gladly sacrafice a few tenths in the 1/4 to drive a mustang.
  11. I was at an airshow yesterday and they had a 2010 camaro on display. It looks to big to me. The only other car I like besides the mustang is the Challenger (even though that's a boat of a car).
  12. As soon as I saw this pig weighed nearly 4000 lbs when it was released, I nearly lost my lunch.

    I'd like to congratulate GM on building an uglier and heavier GTO with 3 steps down in quality. Good job, GM! :nice:
  13. ^^^Just go to youtube and check out bonestock LS1s...... I cant believe however that you think the LS1 Camaros are a average runner of 13.60s !!!! I think you dont like Camaros lol, and thats cool, but im sure every track rat thats on this website will be quick to point out legit times of the LS1 !!! I would hope anyway, theres no good reason to ignore facts.

    The mustangs have always had the look and great fanbase, fun to drive and addicting to modify. I can say that and be honest about it. I wont lie on the mustang to make my car sound better, I feel that SOME, not all repliers on here hate the Camaro and its potential so much that they ignore factual information just so there opinions sound more appealing. I maybe wrong, and its just my thoughts.

    Anyway I enjoy reading your thoughts and views on both cars, even though I have yet to read one post thats actually a comment on the Camaro lol. Ill leave the envy of the Camaro to myself I suppose :)
  14. How could I not like Camaros? I wanted one since I was 12 years old, then got one when I was 22. I've had it ever since. I thought about getting a 2002 SS, but needed something with FWD or AWD, so I bought a '02 VW GTI 1.8T. I ditched that car in '05 for an '05 STi.

    I've been to some of the Camaro forums, and asked to see dyno numbers of bone-stock cars. It's quite amusing how NONE OF THEM could provide a dyno slip of their own car making 295 rwhp, but they always "had a friend" that had made that kind of rwhp. It was the same story with time slips. "My friend ran this," or "my friend ran that." That's great, but where's your slip? Know what I mean?

    My cousin had a 1998 Z28 with an A4. At the time, I had nothing more than a Flowmaster MUFFLER, Moroso CAI, and Hypertech Power Programmer, and I smoked him. At the time, my Camaro wouldn't break 14.10s (with me driving), but I did have a buddy who was more experienced at the track than I am run a 13.80.

    I ran into a bunch of LS1 guys at a rest-stop a few years ago, and they were on their way to "SLP Day," or something like that. Out of the few people I talked to, I asked them what they ran, and none of them had run better than a 13.60. I asked, "So where are all of the 13.20 cars?" I got one response, "I saw one do it on slicks," and another one said, "I've never seen a stocker run 13.20s. There was probably one car that did it, and then everybody started saying that LS1s run 13.20s."

    Let me bring up Evan Smith again. He ran a 12.80 or something in MM&FF with an LS1 SS, correct? After that happened, the number of people who claimed "LS1 Camaros run 12.80s bone stock" must have tripled.

    To this day, NOBODY who I have personally asked has been able to provide me with a timeslip or dyno slip of a bone-stock LS1 down to the paper airfilter; right off the showroom floor.
  15. Go to www.ls1tech.com, post that youve never seen a slip of a LS1 stocker going under 13.60, theyll have no problem showin ya :)
  16. I find it funny that when Transformers first came out, everyone thought the Camaro looked great and now they think it looks horrible. These same people also think the Challenger looks great. I guess that goes to show you that everyone is different and bueaty is in the eye of the beholder.

    Personally I think the Challenger is one of the ugliest cars on the road. How can Mustang fans think it looks good when its 4x4 stance is worse that the 99-04 GT's that everyone complained about.

    In order of personal preference based solely on the looks of the outside.

    Camaro SS
    Mustang GT

    Just my thoughts
  17. Originally posted by SS02
    Post #1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 7, 10, 12, and 13 are all comments on the Camaro. Are you even reading the posts?
  18. You'll have to speak for yourself on that one, bro. I never thought the new Camaro looked good. It looks like Chevy tried way too hard to make it into something of the past, and "forced" the design.

    As for the Challenger, it looks ridiculous from a rear view. I think it has a great side and front profile; very close to the original, but that's where it ends.

    I can't recall hearing many complaints about the stance of a '99-'04 Mustang, but IMO, most cars off the factory floor have a 4x4 stance, save for the exotics.
  19. the new SS is bad ass and has grown on me very quickly....as far as the old ls1 cars, i've personally seen them trap 107-108 bone stock down to the tires and run fairly consistent 13.0's. That's a mid 12 second mph with tires and suspension. Hell, I a friend of mine went 13.6@101 in his bone stock 95 z28 (lt1 A4) for many cars that's 05+ gt territory right there ;)