2012 BOSS 302 - It's Here!

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    2012 BOSS Mustang highlights:

    440hp / 380tq
    6-speed manual transmission
    3.73 rear axle
    Recaro front seats (optional)
    specialized BOSS intake system
    quad-exit, BOSS-tuned exhaust
    upgraded shocks, struts, and springs
    19" rims, 9.5" tire in the rear, 9" tire in front
    First non-SVT Mustang to achieve over 1.0g of lateral acceleration
    Brembo brakes
    BOSS Mustang decor inside & out

    Check it out and read all about it here on SN...
    It’s Back: 2012 Mustang Boss 302 | StangNet

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  2. Another good reason to not have rushed into buying a 2011 5.0...
  3. Indeed!
  4. Apparently there are two versions and the black one pictured above is the racier "Laguna Seca" edition. I really don't know they were thinking with that color scheme. :nonono: At leaast we can be pretty sure that sucker will perform.

    Pics and vids of both models

    "Street" version :drool:

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  5. 2012_boss_mustang_4.jpg
    AWESOME!! Finally a engine bay worth looking at ...
  6. I just can"t understand this,everyone yell"s at Ford to put more power in the Mustang this has been going on since the late 60"s,so in 2011 Ford answers the call and gives us a real V 8 to go after GM, and 95% of the 2011 Mustang"s come with the V 6,the reason used is the extra cost of the GT.Now let"s get to the 2012 BOSS 302 if 95% of the folks are going for the V6 because of $$$$ how many are going to REALLY buy a BOSS 302,I think most of it is a blue oval dream,I think you will see the most 2012 BOSSE"S on the dealer"s show room floor, and not on the street.Everyone wants Ford to build the power but few are willing to pay the price,I own a 2011 GT and I would not put the money out for the Boss,I don"t like the looks or the lack of creature comforts,just my $02.
  7. That thing is freakin' sweet!! Gotta love the prelim' specs....:D
  8. Need a price tag now!
  9. Somewhere between GT & GT500. :p
  10. not sure if I'm a huge fan of the looks :/

    I'm curious what they did to get the power.. whether it was simply from the exhaust and intake/tune or if there's actually something DIFFERENT in the motor itself.

    Seems like you could mod a stock 5.0 to more or less boss specs for (what I'm guessing to be) less $$.

    I wonder how close to used low mileage 2010 shelby prices this new boss will be..
  11. Can I order it with the "appearance delete" option? :rolleyes:

    I'd be excited about it if you could get the package minus the stupid exhaust, appearance items, and lack of sound deadening. I'd love the Boss drivetrain and suspension in a GT body.

    I'm not exactly sure who this car is being marketed to....middle aged guys with a good income and horrible taste? I mean, FINALLY Ford put out a Mustang to put the import guys to shame, that can beat up on BMWs again, and that has the build quality and refinement to justify the price tag...but you have to look like a tool driving it around town.

    ....and who handed the crack pipe to the design team that chose the available colors? Grabber Green would have been the obvious no-brainer choice along with every other Grabber color including Blue and Orange.

    -Just my personal opinion.
  12. I want the engine, exhaust and suspension, brakes and recaros in THIS..

    That's the RTR wheels and front splitter and grille :drool:

  13. Actually, that is a CDC chin spoiler on the RTR car, I have one on my GT. While the drivetrain specs are impressive, I really feel let down by this Boss. The wheels are fugly and either should have been wider staggered Bullitts or something a-la the PJ edition Saleen Mustang. It looks to have a Cali Special front valence with some splitter tacked on the front, and I don't like it at all, it looks half-assed. The blacked out fog ports also look half-ass, either give me fogs, or give me a grille like that RTR car. Don't try to make it look like I built a race car from a GT. It should have the CDC chin spoiler or something along those lines, something that the Boss actually had. The pedestal spoiler looks tacky. The colors are crap, I agree, where are the grabber blue/orange/green/red and maybe a sterling metallic grey? I don't like the roof coloration either. Honestly, a Roush ultimate suspension package and some BFG KDWIIs will let you handle with this thing over 1G, and the regular 5.0 GTs can get this power from a CAI/Tune for less. Honestly, I could make a more potent car for less with the deal I got on my 2010 GT. A blower, some rims, a brembo or baer brake package, and a full suspension package installed on a new 2010 GT will probably come in way under whatever insane mark-up this thing is gonna see with the deals being given on the 2010s. Get ready for $42,000 price tags on this puppy, without the options. And where the FOCK is the shaker hood? I know they weren't really big on the '69 Boss, but the '70 boss had one. I think hockey stick decals over C strips and a shaker would have helped it out alot more. Honestly, this isn't a Boss IMO, it's a cali super special.

    my chin spoiler:

    The way a 2012 Boss should more or less look:
  14. You could have a stage 2 roush for what this thing is going to cost... and the roush looks BAD ASS

    Astronaut, who's blue car is that? ANy more pics?
  15. Excellent, I've been waiting for a good BOSS special edition Mustang. I wonder what other color schemes they will offer.
  16. There are some good aspects to the car (suspension, power, brakes) and there are some bad aspects (color choices, price). Seeing when I come off my deployment next summer, I'm buying a new Mustang, I have a few decisions to make. If want the low # special edition, I'm sure the Laguna Seca edition will be the one to have. If I bought it, it'd have to make sure I kept my eyes closed until I got into it everyday as that godawful color scheme would blind me. :notnice:
  17. The Kona/White color scheme is ACES!

  18. The lazy ass re-do of the CS front valence is so FTL
  19. that black car is horrible lookn.
  20. The new Boss look"s like a match box car,should be on display in the Walmart toy section.