Progress Thread 25thmustang's Progress Pics

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  1. chiming in a little late.. DUDE IT LOOKS AWESOME!!!!
  3. Haha funny guy. I actually just buttoned up the timing cover tonight. It is NOT easy doing a timing cover with the motor in the car but I think its water tight finally (I spent tons of time on the gasket surfaces). Tomorrow I will get the exhaust hangers I made welded on, and probably get the brake pedal and clutch pedal squared away. Fill with fluids and probably throw the brake prop valve in. I actually have to paint some more sections of the car before it goes to the painter, and they cant take it for a week or so anyway!
  4. Motor doesnt leak anymore, new header gaskets, exhaust hangers are made and welded in, and the car now officially starts with the turn of the key. Got the wheels today and mocked a rear one up. Might run a small spacer on it, if not I will beat the inner wheel well a little. It does fit though!

  5. mine needed a little massaging on the inner fender but other than that you shouldnt have any problems. What size rear tire you running? im sure it's been stated somewhere here but im too lazy to look
  6. I noticed the exausht pipe touching the frame. Id move it out a little because i had one rubbing and it rattled on idle and drove me crazy until i fixed it..
  7. That tailpipe isnt on there for good, I was just mocking up the 3" tips. I still have to play around with it, might even send the car to a reputable shop to have the tails put on... might!

    The tires will Be Falken 452s, 255/35/18s out front, 285/35/18s out back. The tire should sit square on the rim, maybe slightly narrower. Im thinking when the tires get here I will get a better idea if I need a spacer or not, and if I need to beat the fender any.
  8. **UPDATE**

    Car is on the trailer leaving at 6AM for paint tomorrow! We got the body panels on and lined up as best we could (two days on that) and found out just how bad these cars are. Fenders from other cars just would not cooperate. Doing a patch panel on the door made that tough, and just drilling new holes, getting stuff as close as I could. It was tough but Im satisfied with it. This wont be perfect but close enough for a car I plan to drive all the time and abuse at the track regularly.

    Got the engine running good, but have a wierd lifter noise thats really pissing me off. Have to figure that out in the future. Pics will be up in an hour or so!
  9. Lookin good! :nice: Cant wait till the finished pics!
  10. Tell me about it, I cant wait for the day I get the call to come pic it up! And then toss the wheels and tires on it!
  11. DAMNNN lookin good!!!!!!!! :nice: i cant wait to see the pics of her all done!!
  12. Who cares, what others think, you can shut them up with the looks alone of your car. Nice job!! I get people trying to race me in my notch because it is a notch,....but little do they know it is stock. The body is stock too, it's not flashy at all, it just looks good....once again....nice work!!!:nice: :nice:
  13. Yeah, and I am actually sticking with the stock hood for now. Want a big hood, cant afford it (the one I have it going on my dads 393 car).

    Car been mostly blocked out, going to be finished, and taped in the next day or two. Then its probably back home for a week or two, then paint!
  14. Some verbal progress. Car is back before actual paint and I am taking care of some small things. Had a binding issue and found out simple rack limiters will fix it. Motor starts and runs great, makes a lot of lifter noise, but I might hold off on ripping it out for a while (this motor was in for a while before and shows no signs other than being loud) and maybe do something with the motor I have in the house. Clutch feels great and smooth, and the motor other than the lifter noise sounds good. Going to try and get it through emissions then get it on the road soon!

    Might be buying some new tune up stuff, starter, and other things the car needs!
  15. Hurry hurry, I wanna see it already! ;-)
  16. There will be progress this weekend, more small work like tune up and everything, but some progress is better then none!
  17. Ill toss some pics up... These are recent, but dont really show what I did today. Added some new maintenance stuff to the car:

    -Cap, Rotor, Wires, Plugs
    -Battery Cables

    And got an Hpipe Im going to cut up and make fit to go through emissions. Might do this tomorrow! Not big progress but every little bit helps!

    Edit* forgot the pics:

  18. I dont want to see the car anymore in primer! When it's painted please post many pics! I like the new GT thats next to it in the garage! :nice:
  19. Man get that damn thing done! I still can't wait to see finished pics...