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  1. LOL, I remember when you removed the rear seat and I thought to myself, "nooooo, that car is too nice!"

    Good to hear you're back to working on it!
  2. i need to do the same
  3. Spent the last 5 years driving and using it, but with a little one I am just over the loud, smelly uncomfortable ride. My plan is to get it more enjoyable and when the little guy is old enough, start taking him and his friends around to car shows and events. I remember how much I LOVED Friday nights getting into my dads fox body and going to the local hang out. I want my son feeling the same thing!
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  4. Very cool to see you pop back up again, always liked your fox. I too got over the stripped down phase of my '95, but it wasnt special enough to me to reverse everything. I chose to sell it and get a different car. Weird how things work as we age!
  5. We're all getting older, and our tastes are changing. I want comfort, speed, and AC now! Nice to see ya @25thmustang . I don't post much at all anymore, but I pop on now and again and follow a few threads. This will be one of them. Congrats on the little one! :)
  6. Thanks guys,

    Yup little guy changes your life, but honestly it's got me more interested in the car, as I think it will be a great bonding tool!
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  7. I would post a video of my 3 year old boy in the back seat saying, "Daddy, go fast!", but he is picking his nose the whole time. It is so cool to have a boy who likes your car. He named mine Rocket (based off a show he watches), but I love every time we walk into the garage he says, "Daddy, when the snow is gone is Rocket going to be done sleeping?" Made the hobby even more fun, so I hope you get the same thing going.
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  8. I have some time as he will be 8 months next week, but I'm sure he will have the car gene in him!
  9. If you're just filling cavities, then maybe regular ole fiberglass insulation. Easy to install, easy to remove, and it doesn't care about elements or moisture unless it's totally soaked.
  10. First round of work is happening.

    Peel and Seal from the home improvement stores. Lining the back side of everything plastic.

    The rear panels I scavenged the old padding material from my dads 91. The feel of the panels with the peel and seal and padding is a ton better.

    The 1/4 panel I decided to weigh before and after. It gained 3.6 lbs by putting on a single later of this material. I'm not concerned with weight, more interested in knowing what I added!



  11. I put Peel and Seal on the doors of mine. Definite improvement over the hollow tin sound of before.
  12. Thanks for the heads up, hard to think it wouldn't help compared to the lack of anything that was there before.
  13. damn, long time no see, glad you still have the car was always a favorite of mine
  14. Can't see ever selling it, just costs so little to own it would never make sense to sell.

    Trying to chip away at the sound deadening a little at a time.
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  15. Damn, the old timers are coming out of the woodwork here.
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  16. I actually just read through some of my old posts (looking for info) and it struck me how different of a person I am!
  17. we need some new pics of this bad boy being all the links are wiped out
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  18. back from the dead... Cool to see you working on the car again. I put fatmat deadener in my car from the rear seats back and on as much of the trans tunnel as i could. With that and tailpipes it is a night and day difference. Its tough getting old, at least i still wanna go fast haha
  19. I see that all the photos are dead... Too bad the cars sitting in the garage not looking so clean.


    I'm actually buying back some 3" tailpipes this weekend to put on the car. I had them on it back in 2006-2007 but never 100%. I find that being older now stuff I would have hacked and left before, I take more time/care to do it right. Hopefully the tailpipes are the same way!
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  20. Good to see this car again...Always loved it and always wondered if you still had. :nice: